Top Tacos from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

When it comes to hand-held foods, a fully customizable taco is incomparable. Follow Guy Fieri's lead to find the best ones from across the country.

Pork Belly Tacos — Cosecha Cafe (Oakland)

Chef and owner Dominica Rice-Cisneros has worked in top kitchens in California, New York and Mexico, and she brings a range of experience in creating these impressive tacos. A slab of pork belly roasts in the oven for close to two hours before it's sliced, salted and seared in a pan for a crusty edge.

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Fish Tacos — Haggo's Organic Taco (Leucadia, California)

Owner James Haggard cooks in true California style, using fresh and organic ingredients, including free-range chicken and farm-raised beef. Organic halibut is seasoned and blackened, then topped with crema and a cabbage slaw for his signature fish taco.

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Beef Barbacoa Taco — Lone Star Taco Bar (Allston, Massachusetts)

Chef Max Toste said he was obsessed with Mexican food when he opened Lone Star with two friends. Now he serves real-deal Mexican street food on the East Coast. He smokes and roasts beef brisket for eight hours before shredding it for this dish.

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Pork Sisig Taco — Senor Sisig (San Francisco)

Cruising all around the city, Senor Sisig is a food truck that fuses Mexican and Filipino foods. Sisig is a traditional chopped pork filling based in a soy sauce marinade. It's wrapped in a corn tortilla and doused with cilantro cream sauce and fresh jalapenos.

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Korean BBQ Taco — Garbo's Grill (Key West, Florida)

Husband and wife Eli and Kenna Pancam fire up the grill on their food cart, which features tropical Asian food. For this dish, beef short ribs are marinated with a sweet-and-savory soy mixture that caramelizes on the grill.

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Quinoa & Sweet Potato Taco — Mas Tacos Por Favor (Nashville)

Owner and chef Teresa Mason makes specialty tamales and tacos at Mas Tacos Por Favor, located on the eastside of Nashville. The vegetarian-friendly Quinoa & Sweet Potato Taco features quinoa and cubed sweet potatoes, cooked together and spiced with roasted habanero peppers.

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Oaxaca Black Mole Chicken Taco — La Santisima Gourmet Tacos (Phoenix)

La Santisima's name comes from the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. This spooky restaurant makes authentic Oaxacan black mole, made with a variety of nuts, peppers, spices and chocolate.

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Al Pastor Tacos — Andale Taqueria y Mercado (Richfield, Minnesota)

Andale Taqueria y Mercado is an all-in-one location featuring a restaurant, bakery, butcher shop and grocery store. Co-owner Fernando Mellado says people come in for the restaurant, then explore the rest. The taco features sliced pork that's cooked in a housemade al pastor sauce, bacon and pineapple.

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Chana Masala Taco — Tin Kitchen Food Truck (Charlotte)

Tin Kitchen Food Truck was developed by two college buddies who bonded over food. This Indian-inspired taco features couscous sweetened with apricots and chickpeas sauteed in a coconut milk and curried chana masala sauce.

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Roasted Pig's Head Taco — Vida Cantina (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Vida Cantina serves a platter with an actual pig's head that has been slow-roasted for hours. The meat from the head is tender, fatty and salty — perfect for making a taco.

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Craft Taco Plate — Commonwealth (Modesto, California)

Commonwealth started out as a craft beer bar before the owners decided to offer food. You'll have trouble trying to decide which taco to try first: the banh mi taco, the barbecue pork taco or the Buffalo chicken taco. Or, just order the trifecta.

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Carne Asada Taco — Taquiza (Miami Beach)

Taquiza flourishes in Miami Beach, offering made-from-scratch organic blue corn tortillas and chips. For this creation, spicy hanger steak is piled onto the tortillas and topped with jalapeno hot sauce.

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