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How to Make Adorable Dog Cupcakes

Learn how to decorate cupcakes to look like pugs, poodles and more with this step-by-step guide.
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Go Mutts for Pupcakes!

These adorable doggie doppelgangers are created with just a few simple ingredients. All you need is a dozen of your favorite cupcakes, a batch of white buttercream, some easy-to-find candies and a few decorating tools. Follow these simple steps to create shaggy dogs, pugs, shih tzus and more.



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Puppy Dog: What You'll Need

Gather your materials:

1 unfrosted cupcake

Piping bag with a small star decorating tip

White buttercream frosting

Scissors, knife

2 small black chocolate balls (such as Sixlets)

1 large black gumball

2 soft caramel candies

1 pink soft candy (such as taffy or Starburst)

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Puppy Dog: Step 1

Fill piping bag fitted with star tip halfway with buttercream. Frost surface of cupcake, using quick piping motions to get small, spiked shapes of frosting "fur." Add an additional dollop of frosting just below the center of the cupcake. Cut the black gumball in half and place it atop the dollop of buttercream to serve as the nose.

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Puppy Dog: Step 2

Position the two chocolate balls just above nose to create eyes. For the tongue, flatten the soft pink candy with your fingers or a rolling pin. Use scissors to cut out a tongue shape; use a knife to gently press a line down the center. Roll out the two caramels, just as you did with the pink candy tongue. Once flattened, cut out ear shapes from each caramel piece. Position the tongue just below the nose, and add the ears to each side of the cupcake.

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