Fun Toppings for Burgers and Dogs

Load up your burgers and dogs with fun new toppings from Food Network Magazine. 

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Photo By: David Malosh

Cheesy Fries    

Cheeseburgers will seem boring once you've tried a burger topped with cheesy fries. Curly fries provide the perfect crunch. 

Get the Recipe: Cheesy Fries

Chipotle Cheese Sauce

Combine Colby cheese, green chiles and chipotle hot sauce for a creamy sauce with a kick. 

Get the Recipe: Chipotle Cheese Sauce

Bacon-Corn Relish

The secret to this topping is the dried porcini mushrooms. Finely ground, they amp up the umami factor that people find irresistible. 

Get the Recipe: Bacon-Corn Relish

Bacon-Pickle Ketchup

This combination of ketchup, bacon, relish and pickled jalapenos will become your own "secret sauce."

Get the Recipe: Bacon-Pickle Ketchup

Grilled Hoisin Scallions

The next time you fire up your grill for burgers, throw some scallions on too. For an Asian-inspired garnish, add hoisin sauce, Sriracha and ginger. 

Get the Recipe: Grilled Hoisin Scallions

Sweet-and-Sour Onions

This tangy topping pairs nicely with the smoky flavor from the grill. 

Get the Recipe: Sweet-and-Sour Onions

Banh Mi Slaw

Top your dogs with classic banh mi topping ingredients for a surprisingly delicious spin on the Vietnamese sandwich. 

Get the Recipe: Banh Mi Slaw

Hoagie Slaw

Load up your cookout grub with your favorite Italian sandwich fixins, including soppressata, mortadella, pepperoncini and provolone.

Get the Recipe: Hoagie Slaw

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