Top Cheeseburger Recipes

Grill up oozy, melty cheeseburgers with these favorite recipes from Food Network chefs.

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Photo By: Tina Rupp

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Photo By: Tina Rupp

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Photo By: Tina Rupp

Photo By: Kana Okada ©2011, Kana Okada

Perfect Beef Burgers

You can't go wrong with this classic beef burger grilled to perfection, topped with melted cheddar cheese and served in a soft sesame bun.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Beef Burgers

Bacon Cheese Burger

Topped with crispy bacon and melted cheddar, the bacon cheeseburger is classic for a reason.

Get the Recipe: Bacon Cheese Burger

Almost-Famous Animal-Style Burger

Food Network Magazine recreated In-N-Out Burger's famous off-the-menu double-cheeseburger with delicious results.

Get the Recipe: Almost-Famous Animal-Style Burgers

Juicy Lucy

Tired of regular cheeseburgers? Turn them inside out, tucking the cheese inside the burger for one tasty surprise.

Get the Recipe: Juicy Lucy

Miami Burger

A traditional Cuban sandwich is the inspiration for this burger. Turning this Cuban specialty into an American one isn't hard: Just replace the roasted pork with a good old hamburger.

Get the Recipe: Miami Burger

Huntsman Burger

Huntsman cheese is an unusual combination of two English cheeses, Stilton and Double Gloucester, alternately layered together; melt some on your burger and top with a toasted English muffin for a burger with a bit of British flair.

Get the Recipe: Huntsman Burger

Barcelona Burgers

Toasted almonds and roasted peppers go into the chunky sauce that tops these burgers: a slice or two of Manchego and some toasted olive bread, and you're good to go.

Get the Recipe: Barcelona Burgers


This is the "house" burger at Bobby's Burger Palace. It's a basic burger (Bobby likes it garnished with red onion, tomato, lettuce and horseradish mustard) with some serious crunch from potato chips.

Get the Recipe: Crunchburger (aka the Signature Burger)

Philly Burger

Bobby likes his Philly cheesesteaks with lots of pickled hot peppers, so it's only natural that he'd load them on his Philly Burger, too.

Get the Recipe: Philly Burger

Santa Fe Burger

This is one seriously delicious cheeseburger; inspired by the flavors of the Southwest (personal favorites of Bobby's), this burger is topped with blackened poblano peppers and a creamy queso sauce, along with crunchy tortilla chips.

Get the Recipe: Santa Fe Burger

Arthur Avenue Burger

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the place to go to find New York City's most authentic Italian fare, and this burger is Bobby's ode to that famous neighborhood.

Get the Recipe: Arthur Avenue Burger

Wild Mushroom-Cheddar Burger

This burger was inspired by a mushroom-foraging trip in Washington state. Bobby does NOT recommend hunting for your own mushrooms (not all of them are edible!). But do spend some time searching your supermarket for a good variety.

Get the Recipe: Wild Mushroom-Cheddar Burger


Tired of the same old burger? Take a peek at this recipe that gets its unique flavor from a heaping tablespoon of warm peanut butter.

Get the Recipe: Guberburgers

Bobby's Louisiana Burger

Bobby rubs these burgers with a Louisiana-inspired spice rub for flavor, then tops them with ham, extra pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo and crunchy potato chips.

Get the Recipe: Louisiana Burger

Portobello Turkey Burger

Mix a portobello mushroom into the turkey patty for added flavor, then top with cheese and creamy avocado.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Turkey Burgers

Cheyenne Burger

Bobby uses turkey meat for his Cheyenne Burger, and he keeps things juicy with smoky bacon, sharp cheddar, crunchy onion rings and tangy barbecue sauce.

Get the Recipe: Cheyenne Burger

Manchego Pork Burger

Make burgers with a Spanish flair, stuffing pork patties with Manchego cheese before popping them onto the grill.

Get the Recipe: Manchego-Stuffed Pork Burgers

Rachael's Southwest Turkey Burgers

Rachael loads up her turkey patties with lots of fresh herbs, peppers and pepper jack cheese.

Get the Recipe: Southwest Turkey Burgers