Veggie Burger Recipes

These veggie burgers from Food Network pack a flavorful punch, so you won't miss the meat.

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Perfect Veggie Burgers

You'll find lots of variety when you bite into these patties. They're filled with walnuts, beans, barley and plenty of taste.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Veggie Burgers

Guy's Legit Veggie Burger

Guy packs this veggie burger with a punch and lots of texture, so you won't miss the beef.

Get the Recipe: Morgan's Veggie Patties

Veggie Mini Burger Pita With Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Instead of falafel, Jeff packs whole-wheat pitas with homemade mini veggie burgers. They're compact bites filled with quinoa, cannellini beans, corn and spices.

Get the Recipe: Veggie Mini Burger Pita with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Veggie Burgers With Mushrooms

Kidney beans, walnuts and shredded onions make up the bulk of this veggie burger, while mushrooms make a great savory topping.

Get the Recipe: Veggie Burgers with Mushrooms

Edamame Veggie Burger

This Japanese-inspired burger is made with frozen edamame, a heart-healthy alternative to beef.

Get the Recipe: Edamame Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger Pockets

Use frozen veggie burgers to make these Greek-inspired burger pockets.

Get the Recipe: Veggie Burger Pockets

The Girl Burger

Layer mushrooms, onion, bell pepper and asparagus onto a ciabatta bun and top with crumbled goat cheese.

Get the Recipe: The Girl Burger

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