Vegetarian Soup Recipes

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Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Tara Donne

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo By: Teri Lyn Fisher

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Photo By: Teri Lyn Fisher

Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Ellie Krieger's Tuscan soup is a weekday winner. Clocking in at only 145 calories and packed with beans and veggies, it's a delicious, healthy lunch option.

Get the Recipe: Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Minestrone Soup with Pasta, Beans and Vegetables

This recipe is totally no-fuss. Toss the ingredients together in the slow cooker, set on low, and walk away. Come back 6 to 8 hours later and the flavors will have evolved into a beautiful soup. In a hurry? Cook on high for 3 to 4 hours instead.

Get the Recipe: Minestrone Soup with Pasta, Beans and Vegetables

Squash Soup

The variations on this soup are as endless as the varieties of hard squash you can buy. Alton Brown recommends investing in an Asian vegetable cleaver for chopping the squash, making sure that the vegetable is securely placed on a flat surface so it doesn't roll away.

Get the Recipe: Squash Soup

Leek Potato Soup

Alton's Leek Potato Soup, or vichyssoise, is equally delicious hot or cold. Use an immersion blender to mill down the chopped ingredients into a creamy, richly textured soup.

Get the Recipe: Leek Potato Soup

Weeknight Two-Bean Chili

This 30-minute weeknight dinner is a vegetarian chili that tastes like it's been slow simmered for hours. The hint of Chinese five-spice powder is a nice spice surprise. If you serve this dish over spaghetti, it turns into Cincinnati-style chili. 

Get the Recipe: Weeknight Two-Bean Chili

Healthified Broccoli Cheddar Soup

In the mood for the cheesy goodness of broccoli cheddar soup but don't want to splurge? Try this lightened-up version, made with fat-free evaporated milk. Leftover soup should be reheated in the microwave rather than on the stovetop, where the cheese will "break" or separate from the broth.

Get the Recipe: Healthified Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Ratatouille Soup

Herbes de Provence are the secret ingredient that bring the flavors of southern France to this soup. When blending hot liquids, first let cool for 5 minutes or so, then transfer to a blender, filling only halfway. Put the lid on, leaving one corner open; cover the lid with a kitchen towel to catch splatters, and pulse until smooth.

Get the Recipe: Ratatouille Soup

Ravioli and Vegetable Soup

This soup is an all-in-one wonder, because you can simply boil the ravioli in the broth as it simmers. If finding escarole is proving difficult, you can swap it for spinach instead.

Get the Recipe: Ravioli and Vegetable Soup

Rich Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasting Roma tomatoes adds a touch of sweetness to Melissa D'Arabian's hearty soup. Cooking them on a low heat in the oven allows the flavors to develop without losing lots of moisture.

Get the Recipe: Rich Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasted Red-Pepper Soup

Sun-dried tomatoes add a chewy, sweet, intensely flavored element to this soup, elevating the flavors of red bell peppers even further. The result? A rich, red soup perfect for weeknight dinners all year round.

Get the Recipe: Roasted Red-Pepper Soup

Vegetarian Chili

A trio of beans gives this chili a protein punch. For a final flourish, add couscous to the mix, which provides a thickness and a meatlike texture.

Get the Recipe: Vegetarian Chili

Charred Tomato Gazpacho

Gazpacho truly is a dish best served cold. The traditional Spanish soup should chill for at least 2 hours before serving — perfect for a hot summer day.

Get the Recipe: Charred Tomato Gazpacho

Creamy Corn and Vegetable Soup

This delicious veggie soup takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Nonfat milk provides a luxurious base without the calories of whole milk, while chopped veggies add texture and pops of color.

Get the Recipe: Creamy Corn and Vegetable Soup

Healthy Dried Mushroom and Barley Soup

If you're looking for a hearty and healthful meal, consider this dried mushroom and barley soup. The barley adds nuttiness, a sprinkle of flour lends viscosity to the broth and the dried mushrooms provide meatiness and umami. If you have fresh mushrooms on hand, you can add them, too. The result is a deliciously nourishing, vegetarian dish that everyone will love.

Get the Recipe: Healthy Dried Mushroom and Barley Soup

Vegan Lentil Chili

This vegan chili is every bit as comforting as the meat-filled counterpart, thanks to hearty lentils, beans and vegetables.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Lentil Chili

Vegan Curried Vegetable Chowder

This creamy vegan soup is hearty enough for a whole meal, thanks to chickpeas and a host of vegetables. To make it even more filling, you can add a scoop of cooked rice or noodles just before serving. When selecting a vegetable broth for this recipe, try to find one that is lighter in color and flavor so it doesn't overpower the other components.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Curried Vegetable Chowder

Vegan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

This hearty vegan soup conjures up the flavors of Spain in a bowl. The smoked paprika (aka pimenton) gives it a deep savory taste that anyone -- even your favorite omnivore -- will enjoy. We like water as the base of this soup because it lets the flavors of the vegetables shine through. While it's optional, the drizzle of sherry vinegar at the end adds a brightness that takes this dish to the next level.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

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