44 White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Want to Trade For

Be the MVP of your gift exchange with these fun, food-themed gifts!

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Updated on November 15, 2023

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Officially, there’s no such thing as a "winner" at a white elephant gift exchange. Unofficially, however, there’s always one gift that is coveted above all others. While the gift-givers are typically anonymous in this fun holiday tradition, you’ll know in your heart if you brought a winning gift or a total dud. We looked around for this year’s best white elephant gifts at all price points, so you can rule this year’s office Christmas party no matter what the budget.


Melt this waxed pat of butter into this whimsicle candle holder. This gift is sure to spark some discussion and a few steals during your next white elephant gift swap.


Ever have one of those days where you consider just drinking straight from the coffee pot? Fulfill those fantasies without hogging the office pot with this funny and unique mug shaped like the office coffee pot.

Uncommon Goods

Is it soap or candy? We’re not exactly sure, but that shouldn’t stop you from gifting it to the person in your life who loves a good treat.

Urban Outfitters

It’s been a big year for tomatoes and we know some people would love to make the magic of this seasonal fruit last beyond the summer. This plug in table lamp is the perfect thing for adding a bit of Mediterranean glow to any corner of your house.

Uncommon Goods

Be ready for any baking emergency and look good doing it with this wearable cookie cutter ring. Choose from two shapes (star or heart) and start making fashion-forward cookies.

$22.99 $19.95

Feeling crabby? Release some steam with this cutesy kitchen buddy. The claws can hold a cooking utensil while the body clings to the edges.


Fun to look at, even more fun to use. Add a bit of fun to your dinner prep with this nifty tool that chops garlic in a flash. Just fill the chamber, close the lid, and roll it back and forth to get perfectly minced garlic.


Let’s face it, office meetings can be boring. You can offer a lifeline with this fun and functional mug that doubles as a creative building brick toy. Available in 9 colors, this cup is a great way to enjoy your hot beverage while still embracing your inner child.


If know someone who loves those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets more than anything, why not go for a set that lasts forever? These plush toys are soft, fluffy, and oh-so-cute.

Urban Outfitters

Sometimes, you just need edible glitter at a moment’s notice. This set comes with individual packets of glitter in two colors, pink and purple, so you’re always ready to stir them into a drink or decorate a dessert.


When it’s time for spaghetti, and the pasta is ready, that's amore. Drop this floating pasta timer into the boiling pasta water and it will sing a tune when you’re noodles are cooked to your desired doneness.

Uncommon Goods

They say a great chef is first a great artist. Encourage some culinary creativity by gifting these edible “crayons” that come with a sharpener meant for dispensing shavings of these tasty tools that come in flavors like balsamic fig and carrot orange ginger.


Unleash your inner culinary beast with these bear paw oven mitts, because why would you grab the casserole with boring gloves when you can look like a kitchen grizzly? These mitts aren't just a funny gift, they're a roaring statement that says, "I'm the alpha in this kitchen," perfect for anyone who likes their steak well-done and their fashion sense medium-rare.


Is it impractical? Maybe, but this whimsical candle shaped like a fresh fruit tart is enjoyable to look at and realistic enough to tempt you to take a bite (though we wouldn’t recommend that!).

Urban Outfitters

It can be tough to get through the holidays, but a little refreshment can go a long way towards bolstering holiday cheer. This functional flask comes bejeweled with holiday-inspired baubles and beads and sports a metal clip that attaches to any keychain.

Urban Outfitters

Talk about a cute gift! Everyone needs a heated pad for comforting sore bellies and aching muscles. This one is shaped like a cute bear that’s sure to bring a smile, and laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Beekman 1802

A funny gag gift can be all the sweeter if it’s also an edible treat. Gift a bag of ultra premium chocolate that only looks like something unappetizing. The balls of chocolate come in 6 different flavors ranging from sea salt caramel to roasted hazelnut.

Uncommon Goods

This next gift takes the concept of rock candy to the next level. Each piece of candy is made of sugar and designed to look like a gorgeous crystal gemstone.


Everyone loves playing with their food, but it’s rare that you actually can. This fun fidget toy looks just like crispy, tasty bacon but it’s made of stretchy material that you can bend and pull to your heart’s content.


Shaken? Or stirred? Sip your martini with a twist of eco-chic using this reusable cup, where James Bond meets responsible drinking. It's the stainless steel vessel that keeps your appletini stealthily chilled and decidedly spill-proof.

Urban Outfitters

Say 'cheese' and then 'please pass the dessert' with this cutesy picture frame, where every glance at your cherished moments comes with a side of faux whipped cream and a cherry on top. It's the only frame that might just make your sweetest memories even sweeter, quite literally, with a whiff of cake scent every time you stroll down memory lane.

$24.99 $19.99

Elevate your bubbly game from “sip” to “shoot” with the Bubble Butler, the champagne shooter that turns any soirée into a fizzical celebration. It’s like a beer bong for the sophisticated palate, but with more sparkle and less foam ‘staches.


Is it practical? Maybe not. Do we know what Bob Ross has to do with waffles? Not really. But we do know you can make a happy little breakfast with this comical waffle maker.

Uncommon Goods

Pastry lovers will get a rise (pun intended) out of this croissant-shaped lamp. This handmade light runs on batteries, so you can take it anywhere your heart desires.

$17.81 $16.66

Keeping a stick of butter at room temperature on the counter makes life so easy when eating a piece of sourdough or making breakfast. This quirky butter-shaped butter dish is just the container for housing such a kitchen essential.

Uncommon Goods

A cozy koozie? These beer (or other canned beverage) koosies are stylish and practical for drinking a cold drink on a chilly winter night without getting your hands cold.


Some people take pasta as seriously as life and death. Divine a carb-loaded future with the Pasta Tarot Deck, a 78-card deck with cards like Corta, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Corleone.


Some things make good gifts simply because no one would ever buy one for themselves. The Better Breader is a complete breading station kitchen tool that makes breading foods for frying easy and mess-free.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sometimes food can be art. This cute cheese tray brings a festive flair to any charcuterie spread.

The Container Store

Why use boring chip bag clips when you could bring a moment of joy with potato chip-shaped clips. These all-purpose clips will fit chip and cracker bags of all kinds and comes in a set of four.

McGee & Co.

Some white elephant gifts are great for being hilariously impractical. What exactly is this brass pomegranate for? We’re not exactly sure, but it's sure to crack a few smiles.


Everyone could use a bottle stopper for preserving unfinished bottles of all kinds. This hilarious pickle-shaped option is as effective as it is cheeky.


You really can’t go wrong with a meal planner that’s as stylish as it is practical. Recipients of this gift can plan out dishes for every meal of the week, plus a handy grocery list on the side.


Fans of The Hills and Laguna Beach will wonder what Kristin Cavallari has been up to recently. Super fans know that she’s been staring out serenely from the cover of her gluten-free, sugar-free cookbook.

West Elm

Everyone knows that your tote bag says everything about you. Stroll the farmer’s market in style with these culinary-themed tote bags designed by Brooklyn artist Claudia Pearson.


This all-inclusive beer making kit comes with everything you need to brew a delicious batch of homemade beer.


As the year ends, people are looking for the calendars that will grace their desks and hallways for the new year to come. This adorable food-truck themed calendar is the perfect choice for foodies of all kinds.

$9.99 $9.23

Pair this ravioli-shaped spoon rest with a premium bag of pasta or jar of sauce and you’ve got a great little present anyone would like.


It’s the perfect time of year to spend long, leisurely days lounging around the house and playing board games with family. Play with this gorgeous cookie puzzle in between batches of holiday treats.


It’s slightly grotesque, but, even still, anyone born before 2000 probably remembers these sticker trading cards that poked fun at the Cabbage Patch Kids. The cookbook follows a similarly repellant theme with hilarious recipes like Squirmy Wormy Salsa and Chocolate Spuds and Bugs.


People who are more into eating food than cooking it will be fascinated with this brilliantly laid-out guide to foods eaten around the world. The beautiful book can be opened to any page at random or consumed in-depth like a novel.


Even culinary novices likely have a few family recipes or old favorites that they keep coming back to time and time again. Gift a blank recipe journal to get the juices flowing on tasty memories.

Neiman Marcus

The best gifts usually involve chocolate, and this hot chocolate bomb is the perfect way to gift a cozy night at home filled with a warm, indulgent drink.


This cocktail shaker brings the party all on its own with its fun handle and lid. Bonus points if you pair it with a cool mixer like fresh limes or bottle of olives.

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