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Herb-Roasted Chicken

The herb mixture in this recipe plays two roles: Half of it serves as a flavorful rub for the chicken and the other half is mixed with yogurt for a cool table sauce.

Get the Recipe: Herb-Roasted Chicken with Melted Tomatoes

Alton's Perfect Guacamole

What’s Alton’s secret to keeping this creamy guacamole bright green? Toss the avocados in fresh lime juice: The acid will keep the fruit from turning brown.

Get the Recipe: Guacamole

Mini Olive Oil Cakes with Lemon Glaze

Fruity olive oil is the secret ingredient in this light, lemony cake.

Get the Recipe: Mini Olive Oil Cakes with Lemon Glaze

Mexican Brownies

Boxed brownie mix gets a Mexican makeover by adding ground chipotle chile pepper and cinnamon to the batter.

Get the Recipe: Cinnamon Chipotle Brownies

Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

Dress up store-bought ravioli with quick, homemade tomato sauce flavored with Italian salami and basil. Garnish with grated Parmesan or ricotta salata.

Get the Recipe: Spinach Ravioli With Tomato Sauce

Baked French Toast Casserole with Maple Syrup

Make Paula's rich French toast casserole the day before for no-fuss weekend morning prep.

Melissa's Easter Cupcakes

Melissa's cupcakes are kid and adult-friendly thanks to the lemon and orange zest in the batter and her special white-chocolate frosting.

Get the Recipe: Easter Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Classic Glazed Ham

Get Food Network Magazine's tips to choose the best-quality ham, then choose one of four mix-and-match glazes for a delicious, customized main dish.

Get the Recipe: Classic Glazed Ham

Hummingbird Cake

This classic cake is packed with pecans, pineapple, bananas and spices, all tucked beneath a lemony cream cheese frosting.

Get the Recipe: Hummingbird Cake

Roast Turkey Breast with Glazed Vegetables

Serve this roasted turkey breast alongside spring vegetables for your Passover Seder dinner or an elegant, easy meal any night of the week.

Get the Recipe: Roast Turkey Breast With Glazed Vegetables

Classic Lemon Bars

Make these classic bars for weekend company. They'll go crazy for the super-tart filling and crisp shortbread crust.

Get the Recipe: Classic Lemon Bars

Rhubarb Crumble

This easy springtime dessert gets crunch from oats and chopped hazelnuts.

Get the Recipe: Rhubarb Crumble

Tilapia with Green Beans

Tilapia is a versatile, inexpensive fish that's a favorite with fans. Serve the crispy fish alongside lemony green beans and grape tomatoes.

Get the Recipe: Tilapia with Green Beans

Spring Chicken Salad

Rotisserie chicken makes this perfect-for-weeknights salad a snap to prepare. Shred the chicken atop spring lettuces, cucumbers and radishes coated in a creamy yogurt-herb dressing.

Get the Recipe: Spring Chicken Salad

Roasted Salmon Dinner

This menu is easy to prepare, but special enough to impress guests all spring long. Roast the salmon with potatoes and leeks for a double-duty entree and side dish.

Get the Recipe: Slow-Roasted Salmon with Potatoes

Swedish Pancakes

Use your blender to mix up this pancake batter this weekend; it's perfect for thin-and-crispy Swedish pancakes. Fold or roll and serve with confectioners' sugar, syrup and fresh fruit.

Get the Recipe: Swedish Pancakes

Light Chicken Pot Pie

Food Network Kitchens made this hearty pot pie a little lighter by using yogurt in the filling rather than cream. Don't worry: This slimmed-down version still has plenty of crisp, buttery crust!

Get the Recipe: Light Chicken Potpie

Pasta Primavera

Serve this veggie-packed pasta dish as a hearty side for grilled chicken or fish or as a simple dinner any night of the week.

Get the Recipe: Pasta Primavera

Roast Chicken with Spring Vegetables

This one-pan meal is a weeknight savior. Let the chicken roast for a few minutes while you chop potatoes, radishes and scallions. Then, add the veggies and return the pan to the oven for 20 more minutes. Dinner's ready!

Get the Recipe: Roast Chicken With Spring Vegetables

Orange-Glazed Blueberry Scones

Fold fresh blueberries into buttery batter for a flaky brunch treat. Once they're cool, Tyler finishes each scone with a sweet-tart orange glaze.

Get the Recipe: Orange Glazed Blueberry Scones

Meatballs a la Pizzaiola

No one does Italian like Giada: Try the Meatballs a la Pizzaiola she served up at the New York City Wine & Food Festival's Meatball Madness party.

Get the Recipe: Meatballs a la Pizzaiola

Modified Hawaiian Pizza

Aarti's Hawaiian pizza is a classic pineapple pie jazzed up with her signature flair.

Get the Recipe: Modified Hawaiian Pizza

Kale Caesar Salad

Food Network Magazine puts a new spin on the classic Caesar Salad.

Get the Recipe: Kale Caesar Salad

Chicken with Cacciatore Sauce

Try a quick, easy and flavorful twist on a slow-cooked Italian classic.

Get the Recipe: Chicken With Cacciatore Sauce

Grilled Steak with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Chimichurri Sauce

Hit the grill and enjoy juicy steak alongside a hearty serving of grilled green beans, all in under 20 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Steak with Green Beans, Tomatoes and Chimichurri Sauce

Asparagus with Parmigiano-Reggiano Vinaigrette

Make spring produce the star with Anne's crowd-pleasing asparagus appetizer.

Get the Recipe: Asparagus with Parmigiano-Reggiano Vinaigrette

Shrimp Scampi with Linguini

Pair Tyler's Shrimp Scampi with a citrusy, light Pinot Grigio for a delightful spring meal.

Get the Recipe: Shrimp Scampi with Linguini