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They may look as skillful as a professional chef, but these home cooks could very well be your aunt, your next-door neighbor or your co-worker. Join Curtis Aikens, Ceci Carmichael, Cathy Ballou and Eric Boardman as they scour the nation for treasured family recipes and the stories behind them.

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Lebanese Spiced Lamb Chops

Mama's Lahmajoon (Lagh-Ma-Jun)

Roasted Chicken with Orzo

Coconut Lime Sours

Italian Creme Cake

Brasciole with Fettuccini and Tomato Sauce

Lentil Soup

Passover Fruit Crisp with Coco-Loconut Topping

Cran Oat Scones

Roasted Portobello with Caramelized Onion Ravioli

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Candied Nuts

Pesto Shrimp


Soy Poached Salmon

Pasta Neopolitan

Wing Zzzingers

Orzo with Mushroom, Snow Peas, and Pine Nuts

Golden Dumpling Coffee Cake

Rajas con Queso

Japanese Salmon Over Linguine