Top Moments of Chopped After Hours: Something Dumpling

Chopped judges Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag and Geoffrey Zakarian cook with an appetizer basket from a dumpling-themed episode.

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Dumplings, 3 Ways

"Dumplings, isn't that just a fun word to say?" Ted asks as Marc, Amanda and Geoffrey call out the word in unison while Marc crowns Amanda with a cabbage leaf. The three will be cooking with pork bellies, savoy cabbage, black walnuts in syrup and yuzu kosho to create their dumpling-themed appetizers. "Are we going to be able to do it?" Amanda asks her fellow chefs, alluding to the fact that in the episode, one chef didn't finish. "I will. I don't know about you guys," Geoffrey snickers.

Eggs Sabotage

As the chefs run to the pantry to load up on ingredients, Ted sneaks in and swipes Geoffrey's eggs, which the chef put aside for making his gnudi. "Someone stole my eggs," Geoffrey announces minutes later. "I feel bad," says Ted, returning them and pretending Geoffrey didn't see them behind his food processor. "That's very kind of you, ding dong," Geoffrey says. "I guess I deserved that," Ted replies.

Chopping Block Grievances

While prepping for his pork fried dumplings, Marc can't resist but chop loudly with a cleaver. "Marc, you're giving me a headache," Ted calls out from the judges' table. "I couldn't hear you at all," Marc replies, walking over with his cutting board and knife, planting himself in front of the host. "What's the matter? What were you saying?" Marc asks, continuing his annoying chopping. Ted can't take any more.

Surprise Dumpling Salesman

"Don't mind me, guys," says Scott, making a surprise appearance, pushing a dumpling cart. "Make your life easy. Buy dumplings from me," he tells his fellow chefs. "I don't have any money," Amanda protests as she fills her phyllo dough purses with pork and cabbage. "Very delicate operation over here," she explains, tying each parcel with a chive. "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but nice dumplings," Ted tells her.

Self-Reliant Chef

"Ted, what do you think?" Marc asks while filling his dumplings. "Why, do you want me to help you?" Ted asks. But Marc hesitates before answering. "Sometimes it's easier just to do it yourself," he says. With mere minutes left, Marc deep-fries the dumplings and checks on his warm slaw, but he finds it too spicy. "I used too much of the yuzu," he says in an Italian accent, while drizzling on walnut syrup to tone down the heat.

Approved Ingredient Choices

"Fudging delicious," Amanda says of Geoffrey's pork and gnudi dish that Geoffrey topped with pesto and fried cabbage. "I think the balance between the pesto that you made with the sweetness of the pork is just stupendous," adds Marc. "The rice wine vinegar to me is the star of this," says Geoffrey of Amanda's deglazing her pork and cabbage dumpling filling with vinegar. "And it's adorable, like you," Ted adds.

Perfect Pairings

I'm going to call this finger food today," says Ted, grabbing a dumpling and biting in. "This alone is mind-blowingly hot," Geoffrey points out about Marc's slaw. But once paired with the fried wonton, "it's perfect," Geoffrey adds. "The yummy factor was off the charts," Ted says of the judges' dishes as they all finish tasting the three different dumpling-themed dishes. "Thanks, dumpling," Amanda replies.

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