Season 1, Episode 2

Celebrate Spring!

Celebrate all the flavors of spring with a meal set right in the garden! It's too easy with luscious spring pea soup, spiced honey ham, asparagus bundles wrapped in salty prosciutto and a creamy lemon curd with berries to finish. Bella primavera!

Day Before Brunch:

  • Prepare Spring Pea Soup

  • Prepare Toasted Spice Rub mixture for Ham

  • Prepare Lemon curd for dessert

  • Prepare seasoned bread crumbs for asparagus bundles

Morning of Brunch:

  • Poach asparagus

  • Wrap asparagus with prosciutto and season with bread crumbs

Hour Before Dinner:

  • Speed Scratch Ham with Toasted Spice Rub and cook

  • Finish Lemon Curd desserts: put biscotti, lemon curd & berries in bowls on a tray in the fridge ready for dessert

  • baste ham after 30 minutes with honey

Brunch Party:

  • Warm soup bowls in oven for a few seconds

  • Reheat spring pea soup slowly – do not boil – and garnish

  • Asparagus in the oven with ham while soup is being served

  • Serve ham and asparagus on platter after spring pea soup

  • Grab dessert tray from refrigerator when its time for dessert

Wine Recommendation
Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio

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