Season 4, Episode 12

Lazy Breakfast in Bed

Surprise Mom, Dad or anyone you love with a sumptuous breakfast in bed, dressed up with Michael’s take on a silky Eggs Benedict, a savory potato tart and brioche with preserves made right on the spot!.

Day of Breakfast – 1 Hour Before:

  • Slice potatoes, mix olive oil coating and assemble Potato Torta with Olives.

  • Bake Potato Torta on stovetop then in oven until brown.

  • Melt butter and olive oil for Blender Hollandaise. Blend eggs, lemon juice and cream with warm butter and olive oil to emulsify sauce. Season and keep warm until service.

  • Remove Potato Torta from the oven and un-mold onto a plate. Slice into quarters and set aside.

  • Slice and grill brioche toast. Spread toast with butter. Wash and dry berries.
  • Mashed Berries with Honey. Blend berries with honey. Roast berries and mash with a fork.

  • For Eggs Benedict: Butter ramekins and poach eggs in water bath. While eggs poach, grill prosciutto until crispy.

  • Oil and grill pita rounds. Assemble Eggs Benedict: Place one pita on plate, top with prosciutto and un-molded eggs. Top all with Hollandaise sauce and rosemary.

  • Plate brioche toast and mashed berries. Plate Potato Torta.

  • Mix Bellini.

  • Set up breakfast tray.

Eat and Enjoy!

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