Season 0, Episode 1

10 Days to a New You

10 days to a New You follows Ellie Krieger as she meets with three individuals battling various kinds of weight and health issues. John is a father of two boys whose food intake is so out of control he fears he will not live long enough to see them grow up. He works 60 to 80 hours a week and has sleep apnea. He lost 40 pounds a few years ago and has since put them, and more, back on. Angel, who is in her mid 30s, says she has been either dieting or binging for the last 25 years and she wants to stop and get control of her eating before it ruins her life. Jackie, in her 30s, is a two-time breast cancer survivor and working mother of two who found solace in pasta when going through chemotherapy. She knows that carrying too much weight sets her up for another recurrence of breast cancer. Ellie takes all three through 10 days of easy-to-follow suggestions, hints and tips on how to eat healthier.

Angel Potter
Current weight: 194 lbs
Starting weight: 205 lbs
Total weight loss: 11 lbs
Keeps fighting those urges to binge
Trying to not be so hard on herself

Jackie Douglas
Current weight: 190 lbs
Starting weight: 200 lbs
Total weight loss: 10 lbs
Cholesterol down: 19 points
Down one dress size

John Tsadilas
Current weight: 238 lbs
Starting weight: 254 lbs
Total weight loss: 16 lbs
Down two belt loops and one pants size
Blood pressure (with medication) has gone down to 110/74
His doctor has now put him on a lighter medication and may try to take him off by next visit

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