Top 5 Tips for the Best Fried Chicken

It might seem like a cop-out when the competitors on Guy’s Grocery Games make fried chicken, but the pros know it takes serious skill to make this simple dish a standout. Get irresistible chicken every time with these foolproof tips from Food Network Kitchen. 

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Fryin’ Up Flavortown 

Is it just us, or does your stomach growl every time you watch a competitor in Flavortown Market whip up some golden-brown, perfectly salty fried chicken? Check out these tips from Food Network Kitchen to amp up the guilty-pleasure goodness of this staple at home. 

Don’t Stress Over Marinating

We’ve made a lot of fried chicken in our kitchen and have found that marinating longer doesn’t always mean more flavor. If you have only an hour or two, that’s totally fine; you can always add more of the flavorings to your marinade to make up for the shortened time. And be sure not to marinate too long, because the chicken could actually end up too soft and mealy.

Make It Extra Crunchy

When breading chicken, we’ve usually tried super hard to keep the wet and dry ingredients separate from one another — until now. Pour a little of your liquid (such as buttermilk) into the flour mixture and use your fingers to work it in, creating shaggy clumps of flour. These clumps will give your chicken extra crunch.

Blend Frying Fats

We love to combine different oils and fats to help play with color and flavor. For example, adding a little vegetable shortening will ensure that your chicken is nice and golden-brown. Or use some lard, peanut oil and a little saved bacon grease with regular vegetable oil for a little extra flavor.

Let the Temperature Drop

Frying longer and at a lower temperature will ensure that your chicken is cooked through and juicy on the inside, and golden and crispy on the outside. Invest in a deep-fat-fry thermometer and bring your oil up to 350 degrees F. Once you add the chicken, let the temperature drop to 300 to 325 degrees F and keep it there. Turn your pieces as needed and you’ll never have to worry about burnt, uncooked fried chicken again.

Season It One Last Time

As soon as your chicken comes out of the fryer, give it one last light sprinkle of salt for instant salty satisfaction.

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