Season 5, Episode 3

Cora vs. Richards

Chef Todd Richards enters Kitchen Stadium to challenge Iron Chef Cora. Will Chef Richards wow the judges with his culinary styling, or will Iron Chef Cora's cuisine reign supreme?

Karine Bakhoum
Cady Huffman
Jeffrey Steingarten

Challenger stats: Chef Richards
From: Chicago, Ill.

Restaurants: The Oakroom (AAA 5 Diamond, Louisville Ky.), Soleil (The Ritz Carlton Palm Beach), Atlanta Grill (Ritz Carlton, Atlanta), Spice Restaurant (Atlanta), Villa Christina (Atlanta), The Café now Park 75 (The Four Seasons, Atlanta)

Cuisine: Ethnic based dishes with futuristic presentations

Interests: Music (writing, performing, DJ), photography

Ideal secret ingredient: From the potential list that was given: bay scallops number one because they are in season, carrots number two as it presents more challenges, morel number three as they are out of season and very difficult to find

Culinary inspirations: My father, my line cooks, EL Bulli, menus that explain themselves, culinary photography

Ideal judge: One who understands where food is going and how it is rooted in where it came from

Culinary secret weapon: Chef Duane Nutter, Chef Blake Kollker

Favorite restaurant: Morimoto (New York), Alinea Restaurant (Chicago), Hakkasan (Soho London), Mr. J’s Burgers (Chicago)

Favorite food: Sushi, dishes that make culinary sense, my father's red beans and Rice

Food you won't go near: Spoiled, rotten

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: After you eat it more than once it's not weird anymore; but maybe cow brains

Favorite food destination: Chicago, London, California, New York

Alternative dream job: Honestly, I don't feel I have worked a "job" a day in my life.

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