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Kelsey Nixon’s got spunk, she’s got sass, but most importantly, she’s all about using the basics to create dishes that are anything but ordinary.

About the Host

Kelsey Nixon began teaching others to cook in college when she created her own cooking show, Kelsey's Kitchen, emphasizing fast, fun and affordable meals.
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All Kelsey's Essentials Recipes

Homemade French Baguettes

Apple Crisp

Shrimp Lo Mein

Banana Caramel Cream Pie

Cilantro-Lime Rice

Sweet and Sour Barbequed Picnic Drums

Vanilla Almonds

Apple Tarte Tatin

Risotto Cakes

Butter Lettuce Salad with Pickled Sugar Snap Peas and Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

Spiced Bar Nuts with Orange Bitters

Fettuccine with Yellow Squash and Parmesan-Lemon Cream Sauce

Dos Leches Strawberry Cake

Grape Juice-Ginger Ale Spritzer

Sugar-Roasted Plums and Apricots

San Francisco Pilaf

Cream Pie

Green Goddess Crab Tapas

Garlicky Smoked Shrimp

Apple Empanadas with Almond Pastry Cream

Duck and Dogs on a Blanket

Rapid Rolls

Tomatillo Dressing

Enchiladas Colorado

Fruit Crisp Topping

Brothy Clams and Chorizo

Kelsey's Signature Salsa