Slow-Cooker Beef and Root Vegs
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Busy people everywhere face the same dilemma – how to get healthy weeknight dinners on the table with only minutes to spare. Cookbook author, nutritionist and food journalist Robin Miller guides us through the land mines of getting food on the table nightly with her stress-free meal-planning strategies. Her easy, day-by-day plans help even the novice cook master these quick and tasty recipes. Plus, each week's menu comes with its own shopping list so you have to hit the store only once. Problem solved!

About the Host

Robin Miller

Robin has 15 years of experience as a food writer and nutritionist and is the author of the best-selling cookbook Quick Fix Meals.

Classic Onion Soup with Gruyere

Chili-Seared Pork with Pineapple Salsa

Bay Breeze Bliss

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Barbecued Ribs

Pan Seared Scallops with Sesame Sauce and Cellophane Noodles

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms

Black and Red Fiesta Beans with Rice

Cheese Tortellini with Porcini Pecorino Sauce

Jazzed-Up Tomato Soup

Red Cabbage Slaw

Olive Tapenade Crusted Chicken and Quinoa with Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Peppers and Basil

Berry Napoleons with Sugared Wonton Wrappers

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Fresh Chives

Teriyaki Roasted Salmon with Oranges, Fingerling Potatoes and Haricots Verts

Slow Cooker Beef with Root Vegetables

Braised Clams in Parsley Broth, Peas and Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Fried Capers

Salmon and Chickpea Salad Over Chilled Mirin Rice

Chicken with Pistachio-Parsley Pesto

Spaghetti Carbonara

Stuffed Pork Loin with Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese

Roasted Balsamic Chicken With Horseradish Froth, Acorn Squash With Pumpkin Seeds, Brown Rice

Vichyssoise with Sour Cream and Chives

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Root Beer Floats

Island Rice

Pan Seared Cat Fish with Red Roasted Red Pepper Lime Sauce and Toasted Sunflower Seeds

Puttanesca Chutney over Chicken with Potatoes and Broccoli