Season 3, Episode 4

Big Game Grub

Team Rachael and Team Guy go head-to-head over two rounds to create the ultimate game day grub with guest judges Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Josh Elliott of Good Morning America determining their fate. The first round is a head-to-head chicken wing cook-off, with each team's MVP winning immunity and a cash prize for their charity. In round two, the celebrities must create the best elevated game day dish by coming up with a unique team plate of nachos. The teams are judged on both dishes, with one celebrity taken out of the lineup leaving the remaining celebrities one step closer to winning the grand prize.
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Mongolian Kickin' Wings with Creamy Wasabi Dipping Sauce

Chili Wings with Blue Cheese Ranch Dipping Sauce

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Chicken Wing Cook-Off

Rachael and Guy congratulate the celebrities for making it to week 4 and welcome them to a sports arena for their next challenge, game-day foods. The first of two challenges will be a "head-to-head competition with chicken wings," says Guy, but he's expecting more than just average wings. Everyone needs to "bring the flavor and creativity."

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

Going Over the Game Plan

Team Guy goes over the menu. Herschel's making his son Christian's favorite wings. Tiffany wants to do something Mediterranean, so Guy recommends she try cooking her wings "al mattone" — under a brick in a cast-iron pan. Since he's vegetarian, Ice won't even touch wings, so he'll be cooking tofu.

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Cooking Without Training Wheels

After menu planning, Team Rachael gets right to cooking. The teams have one hour to cook their wing dishes, but the mentors must remain in their penalty boxes and cannot physically assist the celebrities. Everything is making Judy nervous and she just wants to relax: "I don't even know how to relax, but I'm going to find a way to relax."

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Two Kinds of Lollipops

For his Mongolian Kickin' Wings, Herschel decides to serve up just the drumettes, but he turns them into lollipops by trimming the bone on each wing. Ice is also making lollipops, but by skewering tofu on a stick. He says, "Just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean that I can't get my tailgate goin'."

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

A Chef-Magician's Trick

Penn makes classic Buffalo wings because, when it comes to wings, he says, "There's no better taste in the world." Even though he's taking a risk by making something everyone knows, he's not worried because he has a secret up his sleeve: dusting the wings in cornstarch, which will make them crispy and help absorb the hot sauce better.

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

Too Much Method to Her Madness

Tiffany's going for all the techniques she can try. She brined the wings, dry-rubbed them and now sears them in a cast-iron skillet with another skillet on top to create the al mattone technique. Even with all her high hopes, the first batch scorches because the pan is too hot, but the next batches work just fine.

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Just Adding a Ton More

Judy decides to make Plum Teriyaki Wings, but she keeps adding more and more plum preserves because she thinks the sauce is not sweet enough. Rachael warns her not to get heavy-handed, but she doesn't listen. Florence, on the other hand, is confident in her Sweet and Sticky Wings and finishes tossing the baked wings in her sauce.

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Two Judges, Two Winners

Guest judges Josh Elliott from Good Morning America and Alex Guarnaschelli of Iron Chef America and Chopped dive right in to taste the celebrities' creations. They have to choose one MVP from each team, but it's really close. Alex says, "If this were a horse race, this is a photo finish." Penn and Herschel get MVP for the second time in a row, and this time they both earn immunity from elimination.

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Going for All or Nothing

The celebrities move onto their second challenge for the day, cooking elevated stadium food. Ice decides to take a risk and go out of his comfort zone by cooking a lobster mac and cheese sandwich. Unlike his aversion to meat, he's OK cooking seafood and says, "I'm gonna change my motto to vegequarium!" Herschel takes on the group nacho dish.

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

Part-Time Sous Chef

Florence is making her pesto for grilled corn to accompany her shrimp salad rolls. She mistakes cilantro for parsley but decides to go with it anyway. Penn, like Herschel, takes on his team's group nacho dish, but in the meantime he also acts as Florence's sous chef, shucking her corn.

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Batter Up

Guy checks the batter consistency for Tiffany's Chicken and Waffles. Tiffany's never made waffles before, but she says, "I'm here to stretch myself," so she's taking the risk. Unfortunately the waffle texture just doesn't come out right.

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P.

Pushing the Limits

Judy desperately hopes her team wins so that neither she nor Florence has to go home. She made crab cake sliders for the first time, as she says: "I want to challenge myself. That's why I'm making so many unkosher foods."

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Cooking Up to Chopped Standards

Alex stays to deliver the verdict as to which team won and which celebrity will be going home from the losing team. Alex applauds everyone's efforts, saying, "I held you all to a high standard because of the standard you set because of your cooking today."

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Team Guy Scores a Touchdown

Alex announces Team Guy is the winner. Alex was especially impressed by Ice's "mischievous" dish, which broke all the rules about pairing seafood with cheese. Even though Herschel had immunity, Alex was impressed by his nachos. Guy adds, "If you put Herschel Walker on a task, you should just expect for it to be done."

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Facing the Chopping Block Again

Even though Alex appreciated both Florence's and Judy's dishes, she has to send home one of them. Ultimately she decides Judy's dish had a little too much going on. Judy's biggest nightmare of being Chopped for a second time comes true, but she's taking it in stride. "I have finally gotten over my PTCD – posttraumatic Chopped disorder," says Judy, adding, "I think I'll stick to telling jokes."

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