From the Competition to Your Kitchen: 1-Ingredient Marinades

Inspired by a technique seen on Food Network Star, the Food Network Kitchen team shares four new marinade ideas.

©2015 Food Network

2015 Food Network

The competition moved outdoors this week for a 4th of July cookout. And after the teams unexpectedly had their groceries swapped, we saw which contestants could really think on their feet. We loved that Michelle quickly decided to marinate her chicken, for kebabs, in yogurt — a culinary trick seen in both Mediterranean and Indian cooking. The yogurt imparts flavor and also keeps meat juicy by tenderizing it. Even though Michelle had some grilling issues, her marinating choice was super clever.

Go beyond just yogurt — look at the condiment shelf in your fridge and get inspired for other one-ingredient marinades. Pair any of these condiments with a generous dose of salt and pepper:

Mayonnaise: Because it’s so thick, mayonnaise provides a consistent and generous coating — unlike thinner regular marinades, which tend to separate.

Pesto: Best used on pieces of meat (or fish) that grill up quickly — the oil in pesto can get smoky quickly.

BBQ sauce: Use your favorite style to impart sweetness and flavor from the spices.

Mustard: Don’t just stop at deli-style — use spicy or honey mustard for an extra pop of flavor.

Which finalist do you think has the best combo of on-screen appeal and cooking skills? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in next Sunday at 9|8c to see what the judges have in store.

Photo courtesy of Heather Ramsdell

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