The Secret to Making an In-N-Out-Inspired Burger at Home

There's one surprising ingredient that's key.



Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm

Photo by: Kang Kim ©2012

Kang Kim, 2012

Food Stylist: Jamie Kimm

By: Alessandra Bulow

I may have to wait a little while until the next time I can take a flight from New York City to Los Angeles, but nothing can stop my obsession with and longing for West Coast chain In-N-Out's Double-Double burgers — especially when they're served Animal-Style.

If you've had an Animal-Style Double-Double and don't live close to an In-N-Out location, you know exactly what I'm talking about and your mouth may be watering thinking about it right now. Sorry about that. We're all in this together, so I feel you.

Thankfully, Food Network Kitchen's Larisa Alvarez demystifies how to make a burger inspired by the chain in the Almost-Famous Animal-Style Burgers class on the Food Network Kitchen app.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this magical sandwich and wonder what the hype is all about, let's talk about what makes this burger so crazy delicious.

At first glance, it's a cheeseburger that looks like many others: double-stacked and served with lettuce, tomato and pickles. But there are three key components make this burger next-level delicious.

The first is sweet caramelized onions. The second is the chain's signature sauce that can be replicated at home with exactly the right combination of mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and vinegar.

If you stopped right there and didn't do anything else, you'd have a good burger. But what really makes the burger sing is an ingredient I usually loathe: yellow mustard.

When it comes to mustard, my heart lies with Dijon and any brown or grainy variety, but for a Double-Double Animal-Style-inspired burger, the key is to cook each patty on one side and slather the uncooked side with yellow mustard before flipping. Believe it or not, this is the secret to getting a tangy flavor that perfectly balances out the salty melted American cheese, sweet onions and creamy sauce. Speaking of that creamy sauce, an extra helping to finish off the burger is definitely the way to go.

Since I can't grab a flight to get the original burger right now, making an inspired version at home is the next best thing. Now that my burger craving is satisfied, I'm setting my sights on learning the secret to making a perfectly seasoned fried chicken sandwich that's inspired by Chick-fil-A in the Almost-Famous Chicken Sandwiches class on the Food Network Kitchen app.

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