Jet Tila's Secret to Perfect Pizza at Home

It's not more cheese but we don't hate that either

By: Carissa Chesanek



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Maybe it's just us, but sometimes it feels like pizza night is the cheesy glue holding everything together around here. And don't get us wrong, there's something supremely luxurious about putting zero thought or effort into dinner and calling for takeout, but lately we're finding that weekends are perfect for project dinners. Part entertainment and part meal, project dinners allow you to slow down, connect with your family and (re)discover joy in the kitchen.

Jet Tila’s Perfect-Every-Time Pizza Dough and Pepperoni Pizza class on the Food Network Kitchen app will make pizza night a breeze. He walks you through you how to make pizza dough from scratch without a lot of fuss.

Simple pantry ingredients — water, yeast, olive oil and salt — are all you need for the homemade dough, but Jet stresses the importance of exact measurements; a kitchen scale will help you get the ratio just right. And while you’re at it, Jet suggests making a double batch and freezing the rest for later for an even easier pizza (or calzone, or flatbread) night. Future you is already excited.

But the big secret to great pizza is using a baking stone to cook the pizza. Make sure to heat it up in an oven set at its highest temperature, and you’ll achieve a perfectly crispy restaurant-style crust in just a few minutes.

Tune in to the class for all of Jet’s tips on how to make perfect pizza at home and, almost as important, his answer to the age-old question of whether pineapple should ever be on a pizza. But if you're thinking of adding ranch to that pie, Jet may tell you otherwise.

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