Sold-Out In-N-Out Sneakers Are Now Going for 7 Times Their Original Price

When will these kicks go back in stock?

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February 13, 2020

Pride in regional fast-food chains is definitely a thing. (Midwest girl shout out to Culver’s and Steak ‘n Shake!) But In-N-Out Burger fans’ outspoken devotion is kind of next level. The latest proof? The West Coast-chain devotees’ apparent widespread desire to wear their love for it on not only their sleeves, but also their feet.

It was only last week that In-N-Out announced on Instagram that it was making slip-on sneakers (a la Vans, but "independently sourced" and not Vans) designed to look like the chain’s drink cups: white, with the red stripes, squiggles and palm trees that may prompt a Pavlovian thirst for soda amongst In-N-Out fans.

Certainly the shoes, positioned as a Valentine’s Day gift that would “go a lot farther than a box of chocolates” and were “available in his, hers and youth” sizes, prompted some kind of thirst: originally priced at $64.95 a pair, they sold out within days (they were In-N-Out of stock in Double-Double time!) and are now going for more than seven times as much on eBay!

Yes, someone has placed a $499.99 price tag on a pair of “brand-new, unused and unworn” In-N-Out Drink Cup Shoes – apparently available to eBay shoppers in a variety of sizes – “in the original packaging … with the original tags attached.” On the bright side, shipping is free.

“These shoes are high in demand!” the seller declares (as if they had to tell us!). “Classic and cool, these slip-on shoes feature In-N-Out iconic drink cup design. They are finished with In-N-Out logo on the heel and red removable insoles with logo printed in white.”

The shoes boast a “Polycanvas upper” and “Rubber outsole,” are imported, and are “Not water or stain resistant,” the eBay seller additionally informs would-be buyers. But if you are tempted to snap up the sneaks for just a penny shy of $500, you may want to curb your appetite for just a bit and save yourself some money for your next fast-food run… and the one after that and the one after that.

An In-N-Out spokesperson has confirmed that the company expects to have the shoes – presumably at the $64.95 price point – back in stock in May.

In the meantime, you can always treat yourself – and your feet – to the In-N-Out shop’s Drink Cup Socks. Or your dog to this Drink Cup Dog Tee.

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