Friendly PSA: Cooking Can Still Be Fun

When the cooking fatigue sets in, turn to new recipes to lift your spirits.

Food Network Kitchen’s Lemon Curd Sunshine Tart.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

After months of cooking without reprieve, we’re willing to bet that you’re pretty over it. It’s ok, we totally get it — and that’s why we’ve rounded up a bunch of ultra-fun recipes that are sure to draw you back into the kitchen. These dishes, from Insta-worthy desserts to pantry-friendly salads, are all a blast to cook and even better to eat.

Just looking at this decadent dessert is guaranteed to put a smile on your face — and it will only grow as you serve and eat. A simple shortbread crust forms the base of this cheery tart, while a homemade lemon curd and sweet blueberry mixture make up the delicious filling. Oh, and don't worry about any special equipment — we use folded-up foil to make the super-cute star shape!

Photo by: Matt


Calling all BLT-lovers! This salad brings all the flavors of your favorite sandwich into one bowl, packed with beans and coated with a delicious herb-mayo dressing. With crispy bacon and homemade croutons, it’s the one salad you’ll be guaranteed to crave again and again. Plus, it’s easy!

Leftover Pasta Frittata

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Is leftover pasta kicking around in your fridge for the third time this month? Transform it into a cheesy, creamy frittata! Long, thin pasta, like linguine or spaghetti, are ideal to cradle the egg mixture, which combines with Parmesan, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes for an ultra-rich texture and a pop of freshness.

The only thing more fun than eating rainbow brioche? Baking it! Whip up a buttery bread dough, divide it into six equal pieces and dye each section a vibrant color. After resting and rising, you’ll have a bright and beautiful brioche that’s delicious in a sandwich, as French toast or eaten as is.

Food Network Kitchen’s Chicken Bake.

Photo by: Matt


Can’t get enough of Costco’s famous chicken bake? We came up with a handheld version that’s brimming with cheesy-bacon goodness and easy to eat on the go. These reheat like a dream, so feel free to make extra!



Food Network Kitchen’s Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies, as seen on Food Network.

Photo by: Renee Comet

Renee Comet

There’s no denying that air fryers are THE kitchen tool of 2020. Put yours to good use by whipping up a batch of classic, cakey chocolate chip cookies — right on top of the counter! Pro tip? Prepare the dough, roll it into balls and stick a bunch in the freezer for a comforting dessert you can bake in minutes. After all, cooking dinner is always better when you know you have a sweet treat waiting for you afterwards!

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