Why You Should Be Baking Your Next Chocolate Cake Inside a Pumpkin

It's a fall dessert that doubles as a centerpiece.

True pumpkin lovers know that there’s so much more to pumpkin season than the PSL. And while you can never beat a big slice of pumpkin pie or any other pumpkin spice-flavored sweet or treat, there’s so many more ways to get your pumpkin fix this season apart from the canned stuff. Case in point: this mesmerizing Chocolate Cake in a Pumpkin recipe from Food Network Magazine. Not only is it baked directly inside of a sugar pumpkin, you can eat the pumpkin itself too!

Even if you've never baked a whole pumpkin before, it’s actually a lot easier than might think. In fact, the steps you’ll take to prep your sugar pumpkin — basically cutting off its top and scraping out its inner filling and seeds — are exactly the same ones you take when you carve a pumpkin for Halloween. The rest is all pretty straightforward from there. Simply put together the yummy mixture for your chocolate cake (be sure to add in a splash of bourbon or scotch for a little extra oomph), pour the yummy batter inside your cleaned out pumpkin, pop it in the oven to bake, and two hours later you’re on your way to having a delicious dessert .

If all that wasn’t impressive enough, you can also serve your hybrid pumpkin-cake slices with a luscious drizzle of homemade butterscotch sauce made from pumpkin pie spice, heavy cream and brown sugar. Or with an extra generous scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Or both! No matter what toppings you choose, just be sure to grab a little bit of chocolate cake and a morsel of roasted pumpkin in each forkful you take — not only will you be blown away by the sweet and earthy balance, you’ll also find yourself wanting more and more with each and every bite. Now how's that for a "great pumpkin."

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