6 Delicious Ways to Use Toasted Marshmallows This Summer

Because s'mores aren't the only treat you can use them for!

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Description: Food Network Kitchen's Easy Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse. Keywords: Mini Marshmallows, Heavy Whipping Cream, Salt, Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

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Marshmallows are better when they’re toasted — just ask any s’mores lover. Gooey on the inside and slightly charred on the outside, the sweet confection is a staple around campfires, firepits and backyards, especially during summertime. While s’mores will always be our number one toasted marshmallow-filled treat, it’s not the only way you can use up a big bag of the puffy snacks. Here are six delicious ways you can eat your toasted marshmallows this season and drink 'em too!

This recipe gets our vote as the all-time best dessert hack. Recipe developer and Food Network editor Heath Goldman mimics the silky smoothness of traditional chocolate mousse by combining half a bag of mini marshmallows with heavy whipping cream and melted bittersweet chocolate chips. The end result is just as airy as the classic version minus the headache. Best part of all — you can garnish it with as many toasted mini marshmallows as you want!

Description: Food Network Kitchen's Toasted Marshmallow Syrup.

Photo by: Matt


Sweet dreams are definitely made of this elevated take on classic simple syrup. Though you only need four ingredients to make it jumbo marshmallows, sugar, vanilla extract and salt one jar of this magical mixture is sure to go a long way. Not only can you keep it in the refrigerator for up to one month, you can add a drop (or three) of it to absolutely everything from cold brew coffee to milkshakes to adult-friendly martinis! Did we mention you’ll also be toasting the marshmallows over an open flame, so it’s a fun way to bring the vibe of camping indoors too!

Though we’re big believers that ice cream should always be eaten year-round, there’s just something extra special about digging into a giant slice of this ice cream cake during summer. A handheld kitchen torch will give your marshmallow topping that irresistible, golden brown color and ooey gooey texture. A mouthwatering combination of pecans and crushed graham crackers provide the perfect sandy bottom for the cake, while also hiding a surprise chocolate sauce drizzle. Though it’s recommended you eat the cake right away, you can freeze it for up to two days, if you want to give your kiddos a fun end-of-the-school year treat.

We honestly didn’t think creme brulee could get any better — and then we had two ramekins full of this toasted marshmallow version. Our mouths are still watering and yours are sure to be too once you take your first spoonful. Much like the Toasted Marshmallow Syrup recipe, you’ll combine your roasted marshmallows with heavy cream, milk and vanilla extract and cook it down to create a sweet mixture. You’ll then combine it with eggs, whisking until fully incorporated. A broiled marshmallow topping finishes them off after baking, giving you a beautifully browned crust that’s both gooey and sweet.

Chef Vivina shared her quick and tasty toasted marshmellow recipe, quick easy and great to do outside while tailgating as a quick dessert, as seen on Food Network Lets Eat Episode 109.

The real beauty of these whimsical shots — apart from being completely housed in hollowed-out and toasted jumbo marshmallows — is that they can be made with and without alcohol for an adult- and kid-friendly treat alike. Though we filled ours with a decadent chocolate pudding, we wouldn’t be mad if you opted for a vanilla or a cookies n’ cream flavor instead!

Food Network Kitchen’s Camping Toasted Marshmallow Cereal Treats.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Don’t let the word “camping” in the title of this recipe discourage you; you don’t actually need to be sitting around a campfire to make them. In fact, you can do everything sitting in your kitchen or standing over your grill. The magic of these cereal treats is that they’re super easy to make — all you really need to do is toast your marshmallows and add them and all your other ingredients and toppings into a resealable bag. It’s that simple! To get kids in on the fun, have them help form the treats by pressing all the ingredients and mix-ins together. These treats are also super customizable, so everyone can have their own unique dessert experience.

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