Speed, Strategy and Secret Recipes on the Menu on New Series Family Food Showdown

Valerie Bertinelli is hosting the new series, premiering Sunday, March 3 at 8|7c.

Host Valerie Bertinelli, as seen on Family Food Showdown, Season 1.

Host Valerie Bertinelli, as seen on Family Food Showdown, Season 1.

Photo by: Anders Krusberg

Anders Krusberg

So, your family likes to cook big meals together, you have a few favorite recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and friends consider you all to be the best cooks in the group. But does that mean you and your family are ready for a cooking competition? Do you have the communication skills, the patience and the time-management expertise — not to mention the culinary chops — to cut it in the kitchen when cooking on the clock with your family? How about when facing off against another family that is just as talented and hungry for a win?

That’s exactly what we’ll find out on the new series Family Food Showdown, premiering Sunday, March 3 at 8|7c. Hosted by Valerie Bertinelli, this weekly throwdown will bring together some of the most-talented food families in the country — restaurateurs, food truck operators, competition cooks and relatives from near and far — to see which can survive three rounds of challenges. On each of the two teams, there will be three family members competing. And yes, there is a catch: The whole family won’t be cooking in every round. After an initial face-off where everyone is in the kitchen together, the stakes get higher and the competitors dwindle round after round, ultimately leaving just one person from each family. The pressure will be on them alone as they work to handle not only the challenge before them, but also the feedback and suggestions from their family members who are watching nearby.

$10,000 is on the line every week, meaning that if these families want to score big, they’ll have to deliver dishes that are not only true to their styles, but also worthy of the judges. Look out for some of your favorite Food Network stars, like Jet Tila, Antonia Lofaso and Molly Yeh, as well as Tori Spelling, the Voltaggio brothers and others. It’ll be up to them to taste the families’ offerings and see which is worthy of the sought-after prize.

Over on the Food Network app and on FoodNetwork.com, we’ll be challenging the families to a series of Preheat challenges to get them ready for the competition ahead. Check back every Monday to meet the families, learn all about their culinary points of view and see which team takes the cake in a series of skill drills. Think timed prep work like cracking dozens of eggs, cutting out biscuits, rolling sushi and whisking whipped cream. It’s all about speed and focus in the preheat competition.