Skip the Mimosa, This Is THE Cocktail for Spring

Why you need a Rossini in your hand this weekend.

Behind the scenes with Giada De Laurentiis along with family and friends, as seen on Giada Entertains, Season 4.

This weekend on the finale of Giada Entertains, Giada is throwing an Easter brunch for friends and family. Her menu includes traditional brunch favorites with an Italian touch, like Italian Cinnamon Rolls with a hint of anise and Eggs Benedict with a luscious red wine sauce, but what you’re going to want to steal for your table is the cocktail. Everyone knows about mimosas and bellinis, but have you ever heard of a Rossini? A Rossini is similar to a Bellini but instead of peach puree it uses strawberry puree.

This simple cocktail is going to be a huge hit at your party and you don’t need bartending classes to make it perfect. “I wanted something fresh and light,” said Giada. “A Rossini is just a classic Italian cocktail of prosecco and strawberry puree. I just pureed some strawberries with a little lemon juice and sugar and then put it in a martini shaker with a little ice and a little prosecco.” Top each glass off with a float of prosecco at the table. For kids and non-drinkers, substitute sparking cider of seltzer for the prosecco so everyone can join in on the cheer.

Get tips for making any springtime party a hit on Giada Entertains Sunday at 11:30|10:30c.

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