Holiday Gifts Any Baker Will Love

These presents make baking more efficient, more fun — and more beautiful.


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Marble Pastry Board, $70

This sturdy marble pastry board is ideal for rolling out delicate pastry dough and you won't need to add much flour: The board’s cool surface helps keep dough from sticking as you work.

Holiday Cookie Stamps, $19

Decorating cookies for a holiday gathering will be easier than ever before with these durable aluminium stamps. Simply press them on your rolled, cut dough to imprint the design. Once baked and cooled, you can fill in the imprint with your favorite icing or sanding sugar.

Write On! Decorating Tool, $17

Show off your steady, confident hand by creating custom designs on homemade treats using this comically oversized decorating tool. Simply insert the tip into warm, melted frosting or chocolate, pull the "eraser" to fill the pencil’s chamber, then begin decorating by gently squeezing the lower half of the tube.

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, $36

Sure, some people prefer the center of the brownie batch — but anyone in the know will tell you that the crispy, chewy edges are where it’s at. With this revolutionary pan, you’ll get two chewy edges on every brownie.

Kilner® Butter Churner, $50

Avid home bakers go through a lot of butter, quickly, and having a fresh, hand-churned batch has been a farfetched fantasy until now. This hand churner comes with a basic butter how-to and several flavored butter recipes, so the butter lover in your life can whip up a creamy spread at a moment’s notice.

Nordic Ware Tree Cake Pan, $29

Roll out a showstopping finale to your holiday meal in the form of a towering, three-dimensional tree cake. Pulled from Nordic Ware's archives, this clever pan yields two halves of a highly detailed Christmas tree including branches, ornaments and a star at the top.

Tea with the Queen Cookie Cutter, $10

Throw on the kettle and treat yourself to afternoon tea fit for a queen with a comforting cutout "biscuit" inspired by Her Majesty Elizabeth II. This is a must-have baking accessory for the Anglophile in your life. Pinky up!

Honeycomb Pull-Apart Pan, $52

There's a lot of buzz about this pull-apart honey-lemon cake — and the innovative nonstick pan that makes it possible. The delicate, honeycomb-inspired pan divides dessert into perfectly portioned cakelets, leaving no questions as to what you should serve at your next potluck, brunch or holiday party.

Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg Separator, $16

Unlike most other measuring spoons, this sweet set includes a handy egg separator. When not in use, it makes a charming, decorative addition to your tool rack.

Stoneware Pie Plate, $70

Proper serveware can really elevate a dish, so bakers shouldn't limit themselves to flimsy pie plates. This solid stoneware piece boasts a pretty blue interior that's appropriate for every season. Each removed slice reveals a little bit of extra loveliness.

Mint Melamine Batter Bowl, $13

The classic design makes this mint-colored bowl a bright and charming accent for any kitchen, and sturdy melamine ensures extra durability. Plus, the rubber, nonslip bottom rim holds the bowl steady as you whip up that cake batter.

Copper Measuring Cups & Spoons — Set of Four, $25 and $15

Anyone who has run a set of plastic measuring cups or spoons through the dishwasher knows how easily the printed measurements can wash away. Enjoy guess-free baking with these timeless copper sets featuring engraved measurements.

Hardwood Maple Cake Stand, $70

Presentation is half the battle, so give your friend a leg up with this elegant maplewood cake stand, perfect for any occasion.

Tovolo Cookie Stamps, $10

People swear they can taste the love in homemade cookies — and now we can see it too. With these whimsical cookie stamps, you can leave your mark on all of your homemade cookies.

Food Network Breadbasket, $30

Transport fresh breads and pastries from your kitchen workspace to your tabletop in this sleek stoneware breadbasket from Food Network.

Ceramic Biscuit Cutter, $36 to $44

There's something extra-special about making a passed-down biscuit recipe with a precious, handmade cutter. These are so pretty (check out that gold stripe!) that you'll want to display them on your baker's rack at all times.

Emile Henry Bread Loaf Pan, $100

Bake the perfect loaf of bread with the help of this lidded loaf pan, which allows for just the right amount of humidity during cooking, creating a crisp crust and a pillowy inside.

Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners, $22 to $27

For generations, bakers fretted over the potential for burned cookie bottoms. Thankfully, modern baking implements have banished that concern altogether. Before popping your next batch into the oven, simply cover the baking sheet with this flexible, nonstick liner and wait, worry-free, for the timer to go off.

Cookie Dough Trays — Set of Two, $15

How can you possibly fit in a holiday cookie swap when you're busy planning and shopping for the big day, you wonder? Future baking ventures will be a breeze with the help of these reusable silicone cookie-dough trays. Prepare the dough days or weeks before the holiday rush, then scoop it into tablespoon-sized portions, snap the lids into place and freeze until you're ready to bake.

Double Boiler, $40

Microwaving chocolate can often result in uneven melting — or worse, burnt chocolate. Get smooth, silky results every time with this durable and affordable double boiler from Cuisinart.

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