These Adorable Cookie Cutters Will Put You in the Holiday Mood

With a little creativity and lots of icing, you can reuse them for many occasions!

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December 14, 2021
By: Hadiya Presswood

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Cookies may be one of the most versatile treats. They come in an endless array of varieties and can be made with all types of ingredients: spices, candies, marshmallows, nuts, fruits and jams. They can be hard, soft or gooey, and once you add icing and sprinkles, they can be decorated to resemble nearly anything. To add to that, we've rounded up some cute cookie cutters to bake what your cookie-loving heart desires.

Create your own winter wonderland with these assorted snowflakes. We’ve all heard that no two snowflakes are identical, and the different sizes and designs mean that you can make your own unique flurries. What’s more, icing bags and a recipe for sugar cookies is included to get you started.

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If you’ll be doing a lot of baking, these cute and simple designs will simplify the shaping process while the classic winter shapes inspire holiday cheer. They are conveniently organized on a ring so you can hang them in the kitchen where they’ll be within reach.

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If you’re looking for ease while engaging in festivities, this rolling cookie cutter might be the tool for you. It rolls out six fun shapes and can be used to cut out doughs like sugar cookie, shortbread, gingerbread and pie crust.

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Have the dainty tea-party-esque cookies you’ve always dreamed of with these cookie cutters that have stamps built into them. The outer edges make decorative swirls while the center cutter leaves a smaller divot that can be filled with jam, making for some very pretty, tasty cookies.

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Usher in a visit from St. Nick with these shapes based on the popular poem, ″′Twas the Night Before Christmas″. The set comes with icing bags and decorative tips so you can really recreate the story. These festive cookies likely won’t last long, but maybe Santa will appreciate the extra effort?

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Have two treats in one with these ice cream shapes. The set comes with eight cutters, frosting bags, decorative plastic tips and a sugar cookie recipe. The more sweets, the merrier!

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Celebrate Hanukkah with this six-piece set that makes lovely menorah, dreidel and Star of David cookies. If cookies aren’t your thing but you still love the shapes, it can also be used on soft breads and cheeses. Bonus points for this brass set being a beautiful decoration on its own!

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If winter blues have you down, this variety of cookie cutters should do the trick. They have some lesser used shapes, like a wreath, mitten, reindeer and present, that should inspire decorating creativity. All these shapes come in a little bucket for easy storage.

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While ornaments are typically a winter holiday shape, these have year-round use as abstract shapes that can be decorated with sprinkles and candy. It may be a little quirky, but it could work if you want subtle, fun, off-beat touches for the occasion.

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You can’t go wrong with having a full set of numbers on hand. You can use them to create advent calendar-style batches of cookies, celebrate the new year, birthdays, anniversaries and various special occasions.

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We all look forward to receiving a lot of presents and pleasant surprises, and a gift box cookie cutter is one sweet way to add to that. Just as a real gift box holds surprises related to the occasion, a cookie gift box can be decorated to fit any celebration.

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Round out the fancy cookies with classic geometric shapes, which can bring a decorative touch to the cookie tray or use it to distinguish varieties (looking at you, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip) and ingredients, which can be useful when hosting people who have allergies or dietary restrictions.

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Gingerbread people are a timeless and fun shape. You can decorate the cookies with "raisin eyes, a cinnamon drop mouth and chocolate chip buttons," or make it in the likeness of someone you know!

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These cookie cutter kids are the cutest designs you’ll find for any child-friendly activity. They have a protective plate to press down on, making them kid-friendly during birthdays, classroom activities, baby showers or other special days.

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Personalizing the dessert table during a special occasion is easy. With this set of cookie cutters, you can spell out someone’s name or initials, offer celebratory sentiments or ″write″ out a sweet message to everyone.

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