Star Kitchen: Robert Irvine

Chef and fitness expert Robert Irvine shows Food Network Magazine his sleek Florida kitchen.

We might have guessed that Robert Irvine likes everything in his kitchen to be neat, organized and efficient: The chef and host of Restaurant: Impossible spent 10 years in the British Royal Navy, and he’s known for restoring order to restaurants on his show. Robert wasted no time overhauling this kitchen in the Tampa home he shares with his wife, professional wrestler Gail Kim. When they first saw it, the space was carpeted and pretty much everything was brown. The renovation process took longer than Robert and Gail expected — “We had to eat out every night for a year,” he says. But after the dust cleared, they were left with this: a modern space with tons of cabinets, high-tech KitchenAid appliances and plenty of room for cooking. Robert is on the road most of the year, and when he gets free time, he spends it right here, cooking with Gail. “I married up,” he says. “She loves fitness — and she’s a great cook.”

Secret Hood: The range hood is hidden in plain sight: It sits behind a slab of marble-finish quartz that blends in with the backsplash.

Stocked Cabinets: To keep the counters uncluttered, Robert stores almost everything — including cookware, dishes and tabletop appliances — in drawers and cabinets.

Multiple Fridges: Robert likes to unwind with a glass of wine, so he installed two wine fridges, one here and one in his outdoor kitchen.

Smart Tech: Robert set up his appliances and lighting so he can control them with his phone when he’s away — he’s home for only a few weeks a year.

Frosted Doors: Most of Robert’s cabinets have solid doors, but he installed a few with textured glass to lighten up the space around the stove and show off dishes and glassware.

Photograph by Seamus Payne

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