8 Things You Didn't Know About The Pioneer Woman

You may know all about The Pioneer Woman's recipes, but how much do you know about Ree Drummond off the air? 

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All About Ree

Read on for the scoop on Ree's guilty-pleasure foods, plus the dishes you’ll never catch her eating.

Least Favorite Food: Bananas

Midnight Snacking? Not for Ree — She's Asleep!

Go-To Weeknight Meal: Roasted Chicken Legs, Plus Seasonal Extras

Get the Recipe: Roasted Lemon Chicken Legs

Guilty Pleasure? She's a Coffee (Dessert) Addict

Strangest Thing in Her Fridge: A Whole Lot of Hot Peppers

What She’s Watching While Cooking: The Godfather or Napoleon Dynamite

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate All the Way

Coffee or Tea? "COFFEE, IN ALL CAPS"

Want More of The Pioneer Woman?

Head over to Food Network's The Pioneer Woman headquarters for recipe inspiration, plus an insider's tour of Ree's ranch. 

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