The Pioneer Woman's Perfect Recipes

You can trust that Ree Drummond's "perfect" recipes live up to their name.

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Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust

Think every dessert is a guaranteed indulgent dish? Think again, because Ree's crowd-pleasing recipe is surprisingly healthy. Her go-to pie crust turns out buttery, flaky results every time, and it's the ideal base for her sweetened apple filling. 

Get the Recipe: Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust

Simple, Perfect Enchiladas

Ree guarantees layer upon layer of flavor in her enchiladas by first dunking the tortillas in her thickened-up enchilada sauce, then rolling them with a hearty mixture of ground beef, black olives and green chiles before blanketing the casserole in a layer of gooey sharp cheddar. 

Get the Recipe: Simple Perfect Enchiladas

Perfect Potatoes au Gratin

Baked in a rich mixture of cheese and milk, Ree's cheesy potatoes are the ultimate in big-batch side dishes. 

Get the Recipe: Perfect Potatoes au Gratin

Perfect French Fries

Thanks to her double-frying method, which guarantees a golden, crispy exterior and an interior of tender potato, Ree's easy fries, featured in Food Network Magazine, come together in just 40 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Perfect French Fries

Perfect Pot Roast

With more than 400 fan reviews and a five-star rating, Ree's all-in-one dinner features a fork-tender chuck roast and fresh carrots simmered in a comforting beef broth spiked with red wine. For a boost of welcome freshness, follow Ree's lead and add a duo of herbs — rosemary and thyme — to cook with the beef.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Pot Roast

Simple, Perfect Chili

Once you've prepped Ree's beefy two-bean chili, it's up to you to pile on the toppings. Set up a bar of fixings complete with cheddar cheese, fresh onions, crunchy tortilla chips and bright lime juice, and let each guest prepare the perfect bowl.

Get the Recipe: Simple, Perfect Chili

Perfect Spinach Salad

Even with a bit of crispy bacon tossed in and a vinaigrette laced with warm bacon fat, Ree's fresh salad is a healthy pick, thanks to its bed of vitamin-rich spinach and good-for-you mushrooms. 

Get the Recipe: Perfect Spinach Salad

Perfect Homemade Lemonade

It takes only a handful of everyday ingredients to make Ree's classic lemonade. She starts with a simple syrup — a one-to-one mixture of water and sugar — to sweeten the lemon juice without a gritty aftertaste.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Homemade Lemonade

Perfect Pancakes (and Toppings!)

Ree sets up a help-yourself toppings bar of family-friendly picks like mini chocolate chips, fresh berries and flavored yogurt, so everyone can dress up her buttery pancakes just as they like them.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Pancakes (and Toppings!)

Perfect Bacon Cheeseburgers

Infused with hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, Ree's beef burger patties are cooked in butter for bold, rich flavor in every bite. She blankets them with cheddar to add the must-have gooey texture, before rounding out the between-the-bun creation with bacon slices.

Get the Recipe: Perfect Bacon Cheeseburgers

Perfect Potato Soup

According to Ree, this big-batch soup "freezes really well," so don't be afraid to prepare it and stash it for later. 

Get the Recipe: Perfect Potato Soup

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