Recipe courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine

Monster Operation

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  • Total: 30 min
  • Prep: 30 min



  1. Cover a large table with a shower curtain. To make the monster's body, arrange vegetables and other foods on the large table to resemble a skeleton. For arms and legs, use zucchini sliced length-wise. Use the turnip cut in halves for kneecaps. Use toothpicks to pin a celery rib cage together. Secure dried apricot toes to celery feet. Attach corn kernel fingernails to sliced hot dog fingers. Just below the rib cage, pile cooked ramen noodles as small intestines and veins, and pile rope licorice for the large intestines. Place prepared Jell-O gelatin as the guts, water chestnuts as gallstones and a chunk of ham for the heart. Cover the cauliflower with some prepared Jell-O gelatin for the brain and use 2 canned mushroom caps for the eyes. When the skeleton is in place, cover with another shower curtain. Cut slits in the curtain so the children can reach in and touch the organs without being able to see them through the shower curtain. The children can guess what the organs are.