School Snack Showdown: Treats That Will Satisfy Parents & Kids

They want something delicious and fun. You want them to eat something, well, not quite as fun. I took on my 11-year-old to see if we could find some compromises. Spoiler alert: We did!

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August 14, 2018
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These snacks are a tastier version of the original, plain, dry-mouth-causing rice cakes that you may remember as a kid. But these are smaller, thinner and have apple cinnamon flavor. They're fun, like a cool mom!

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11-year-old Frankie picks these chips because, "They're fun and they taste good. But no way in the world would you let me get them." She's right. I'm no fun.

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Perennial kid favorite, Goldfish Crackers, are a perfect compromise. These are made with whole wheat flour and taste no different than the originals. Definitely a prime snack for kids — and parents to sneak while the kids' backs are turned!

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Starting in late summer and early fall, pears are ripe for the picking and so delicious. What lunch wouldn't be complemented with a fresh one? Pop it in the bag and snacks are all set.

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Frankie says, pears "get all like, bruised and mushy and that's not good." OK, that's fair. She picks this squeezable applesauce pack, but I'm suspicious of snack foods that are missing vowels.

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Give some berries a quick wash in the morning and toss them into a reusable container. Mush-factor resolved and fresh fruit achieved. Savor the end of season before it's too late!

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High-protein nuts! Plus, raisins and dried cranberries for a little sweetness! This snack will give them loads of energy to power through afternoon lessons. It's crunchy and delicious! Right?

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"I hate raisins. No. Fruit Roll-Ups, yes please." Sigh.

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This bar packs in the semi-sweet fruits and high-protein nuts you want them to love with the extra-sweet punch of honey they'll actually like, so this snack is a win-win. This particular flavor is almond with mint and dark chocolate and comes kid-approved.

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Is there anything that makes a kid feel more loved than homemade chocolate chip cookies? Am I right? Kids?

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"Yeah. But I LOVE these Rice Krispies Treats!" After years of cooking for these kids and pouring all my love into the food I make them....this is fine. It's fine. I'm FINE.

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Whatever. I'm just going to eat these secretly in the kitchen when I tell you I'm cooking dinner [shrug]. The upside is they've got fewer calories, fat and sugar. But they're still Oreos. Have you tried the Thins? Trust me, this is a snack you'll both love.

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