Our Best Sugar Cookie Recipes

If you ask us, there's no wrong way to make a sugar cookie! Whether you're craving something soft and chewy with a sprinkle of sugar or a treat that's crisp and topped with colorful icing, these cookies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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The Best Sugar Cookies for Decorating

Our sugar dough is easy to roll and cut into all shapes and sizes. The cookies hold their shape during baking and come out firm and strong, perfect for decorating. We made them with a little less sugar, so feel free to load on the icing and sprinkles. Their buttery crispness will still come through.

Get the Recipe: The Best Sugar Cookies for Decorating

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Delicious red velvet cake in cookie form? Yes, please!

Get the Recipe: Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Chewy Sugar Cookies

This version of the sugar cookie has a slightly crispy edge and a super-chewy center, thanks to increasing the sugar and baking at a higher temperature. Roll the cookies in colored sugar for a festive, sparkly upgrade.

Get the Recipe: Chewy Sugar Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies

These sweet treats are a soft and tender version of traditional roll-out sugar cookies — thanks to an extra egg. For extra holiday spirit, roll the dough in colored sanding sugar.

Get the Recipe: Soft Sugar Cookies

Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

Leftover hot chocolate or cocoa mix transforms a regular sugar cookie recipe into a festive treat. To keep cookies nice and round when you set the dough log down in the freezer, here's a tip: Hang onto your next cardboard paper towel tube, cut through it with scissors to make an open trough, then rest the log in the makeshift cradle and freeze.

Get the Recipe: Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Whether you are looking for a homemade gift for someone special or a fun holiday activity with kids, these sugar cookies couldn’t be simpler, tastier or more beautiful. We take the buttery and perfectly crisp rounds and dip them into colored icing, resulting in a marbled and jewel-like effect that’ll surely impress your valentine. Swap out the cookie cutter shapes and colors to create cookies for any holiday or special occasion.

Get the Recipe: Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Sprinkled Sugar Skillet Cookie

Why have a single cookie when you can have one the size of a cake?! This spin on the classic is a fun alternative for celebrations and a new way to curb your sugar cookie craving.

Get the Recipe: Sprinkled Sugar Skillet Cookie

Star Confetti Cookies

These simple sugar cookies hold their shape when baked, so your cut-outs will have nice, clean edges. Mixed with red, white and blue confetti stars, they're a festive treat for a patriotic celebration.

Get the Recipe: Star Confetti Cookies

Sugar Beet Sugar Cookies

Molly's take on sugar cookies could not be cuter. She loads them up with one of her favorite ingredients (sprinkles!) and glazes them with frosting and sanding sugar to make them look like just like beets from the farm.

Get the Recipe: Sugar Beet Sugar Cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies

We love the warm toffee note (from the brown sugar) in these cookies. Add spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg for another variation.

Get the Recipe: Brown Sugar Cookies

Gold-Medal Winner Cookies

These cute cookies are crisp-tender, not too sweet and sturdy enough to hold their shape when baked. If you have the time and ingredients, you can pipe designs on the finished medals with decorating or royal icing.

Get the Recipe: Gold-Medal Winner Cookies

Vegan Sugar Cookies

These vegan sugar cookies have the familiar flavor and texture of other classic sugar cookies (crisp edges, a soft center and slight chew) but contain no animal products. A touch of baking powder ensures the cookies puff slightly without spreading too much. Top them with a simple confectioners' sugar glaze and decorate with sprinkles for any holiday or festive occasion throughout the year.

Get the Recipe: Vegan Sugar Cookies

Butterfly Sugar Cookies

You don’t need to toss your butter in the air to see a butter fly! These beautiful winged cookies are pretty to look at and totally scrumptious to snack on.

Get the Recipe: Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Classic Sugar Cookies

These are the familiar cookies, with crispy edges and a slightly soft middle. Superfine sugar gives them their crunchiness. The small amount of baking powder ensures that they puff just a little without spreading too much and losing their shape.

Get the Recipe: Classic Sugar Cookies

Walnut Sugar Cookies

Orange flower water adds a special touch (and the perfect amount of sweet, citrusy flavor) to this traditional Greek cookie.

Get the Recipe: Kourabiedes (Greece): Walnut Sugar Cookies

Spiced Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

The dough for these spiced autumn cookies is easily made in a food processor, much like pie dough, but with softened butter. We pulse the sugar first to finely grind it, which gives the cookies their tender and crunchy texture. Have fun with decorating; make fall leaves or turkeys using halved candy corns or pecans for the tail feathers.

Get the Recipe: Spiced Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

Honey Sugar Cookies

The sweetest sugar cookies? A touch of honey and meringue icing are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Get the Recipe: Honey Sugar Cookies

Old-School Sugar Cookies

The secret to Duff's cutout sugar cookies? Make sure you chill the dough well. This helps it keep it's shape as it bakes in the oven.

Get the Recipe: Old School Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

These crisp-chewy cookies are a chocolatey alternative to traditional roll-and-cut sugar cookies, and great for decorating. If you prefer slightly thinner, crisper cookies, roll the dough 1/8 inch thick, and bake the cookies for about 8 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

Halloween Sugar Cookies

Spook yourself sweet this Halloween season with festive sugar cookies that are no trick, all treat.

Get the Recipe: Halloween Sugar Cookies

Hazelnut Sugar Cookie Cereal Cookies

Breakfast of champions! To start your mornings in a sweet way, mix these adorable mini heart cookies with tiny meringues and the other trail mix ingredients. The final touch? Add milk!

Get the Recipe: Hazelnut Sugar Cookie Cereal

Glazed Lavender Sugar Cookies

These cut-out sugar cookies are dipped in a glaze before being decorated wth a piping bag and homemade buttercream frosting. Molly flavors them with lavendar but if you don't have any on hand you can skip it — you'll still end up with an absolutely wonderful treat.

Get the Recipe: Glazed Lavender Sugar Cookies

Everything Sugar Cookie (Dough!)

Salty or sweet? Look no further because this recipe calls for toffee, pretzels, and potato chips: the best of both worlds!

Get the Recipe: Everything Sugar Cookie (Dough!)

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are the chewiest you will find, and they're gluten free to boot! Rather than subbing all-purpose flour with a gluten-free blend, we used instant pudding mix (and rice and coconut flours) to give these cookies their gooey texture. You can even swap out vanilla for your own favorite pudding flavor, such as chocolate or caramel. The dough is equally ideal for making large rolled cookies or cutouts.

Get the Recipe: Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

3-in-1 Sugar Cookies

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Whether you choose to make rolled, cut-outs, or sliced, this versatile cookie recipe can single-handily tackle them all!

Get the Recipe: 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies

Smashed Sugar Cookies

We love the imperfection of these festive smashed cookies. The addition of two eggs gives the centers a tender and soft texture, while the crinkled edges get ever so slightly golden and crisp. Top with a simple confectioner's sugar glaze for a holiday treat perfect for a cookie tin.

Get the Recipe: Smashed Sugar Cookies

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