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Top Moments of Chopped After Hours: Mix and Mache

Episode: Mix and Mache

The Chopped judges take on an entree basket of daikon, squid, lobster bisque and baby leeks on Chopped After Hours: Mix and Mache.

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Seafood and Vegetables

After watching three chefs tackle the entree round, Chopped judges Alex Alex Guarnaschelli, Aarón Sánchez and Marcus Samuelsson try their hands at the same ingredients with 30 minutes on the clock. "I think it's a booby trap perfect for a Chopped basket," Alex says of the combination.

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Spotlight On: Sauce

Aarón wastes no time transforming these ingredients, his first step being to create a sauce that integrates the lobster bisque with fresh produce like tomatoes, onions and guajillo peppers. He plans to serve sausage-stuffed squid atop this smooth, rich mixture. "I think it's safe to say mine's going to be the most delicious," he jokingly tells guest judge Amanda.

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Bisque, Reimagined

Marcus uses the prepared bisque in the basket to form the base of his remade bisque, boasting tangy yogurt and lime, plus potatoes, daikon and leeks. "I want to go completely, completely the other way around," he says of his plan compared to that of the other judges.

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Known Risks

The judges are given two different parts of the squid — the tentacles and the rings. Alex sets off to feature both in her dish with grilled leeks and basil. "It's very fickle and it overcooks really quickly," she says of the squid, which will be rounded out with a simple marinara sauce of grilled tomatoes.

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