Brunch of the Future
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About the Hosts

Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams is a host, personality and self-taught chef who kicked things off at a young age by baking custom "affectionate confections" for all of friends' birthdays. Ashley has hosted the cooking show Feast of Fiction since 2011 and has amassed over 77 million views, thanks to her kitchen expertise and baking prowess. Since then, Ashley has worked with major brands like Disney, Pepsi, Lionsgate, Nestle and Walmart.

Jimmy Wong

Jimmy Wong is a bona fide geek, host and content creator that's been making viral videos since 2010. A veteran of the internet, this actor, songwriter and chef aims to combine charisma, teaching, and fun into his various projects online — his videos have been viewed more than 75 million times! He starred in the hit web series Video Game High School, hosts the cooking show Feast of Fiction with over 800 thousand subscribers and is the face of DisneyXD's newest gaming show Polaris Primetime.

About the Show

Follow our intrepid (and hilarious) hosts, Jimmy and Ashley, as they explore the newest, coolest stuff at the intersection of food and tech.