About the Show

Rock musicians and food lovers Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb are hitting the road in search of musical and culinary adventures. From dining on Southern specialties with the Indigo Girls in Atlanta to chowin' down at the Zappa family's breakfast pancake party, this dynamic duo is out to find good times and great food. Join them as they discover new regional culinary delights with famous chefs and friends across the country.

Most Popular Recipes

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Hockaday Chess Pie

Apple Pie

Hockaday School Corn Muffins

Barmouche's Picnic Coleslaw

Coconut Tart

Cupcake Lasagna

Gnocchi with Vodka Cream Sauce


Mamau's Spritz Cookies

Assorted Grilled Portobello Pizzas

Wok Seared Scallops In Teriyaki Tabasco Butter Sauce

Olive Oil Poached Tuna Infused with Thyme, Lemon, and Shallots

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Three-Layer Carrot Cake

Rollsrice (California Roll in a Wonton Cone)

Magnolia Cafe's Gingerbread Pancakes

Dragonfly Stir-Fry Rice

Grilled Fresh Red Snapper Stuffed with Lobster in a Curry Mango Mojito

Tip Top Salad

Steak with Smothered Caramelized Onion (Bistec Encebollado)

Scott Peacock's Butterbean Hummus

Pear and Huckleberry Crisp

Grilled And Stuffed Veal Chop

Conch Spring Rolls

Mark's Mom's Macaroni and Cheese

Nana's Crescents or Sand Tarts

Beef Stroganoff a la Gail Zappa