Season 1, Episode 7

Paella Party

A spectacular outdoor party with this dish meal - so easy because it's cooked inside, and then taken outside to eat right out of the pan! Ole!

Day Before Party:

  • Make ham hock flavored broth for paella

  • Make and assemble creamy pancetta dressing

  • Chop all vegetables and garlic for preparation of paella next day

  • Assemble and strain espresso flan mixture

  • Make caramel for flan

  • Assemble and bake flan

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Mix and assemble sangria

  • Loosen up and flip flan onto teir serving plates

  • Saute seasoned meats for paella and set aside

45 Minutes Before Party:

  • Assemble rest of paella, vegetables rice and broth

At Party:

  • Cut Iceberg wedges for party

  • Re-assemble Paella before serving

Wine Recommendation
Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio

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Creamy Pancetta Dressing

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