Where to Eat Burgers Like an Iron Chef

Find out where famous faces from the world of Iron Chef go to indulge their cravings for juicy, satisfying burgers.

Sister Midnight

"You know that saying, 'The simplest things in life are best?'" Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli asks. "That's what this cheeseburger is — bite after bite after bite." She's talking about the no-frills cheeseburger (pictured above) from New York City's Sister Midnight restaurant, which brings together a super-moist burger blanketed with creamy America cheese and traditional lettuce-tomato-onion fixings. Prefer to skip the meat? Alex is also keen on Sister Midnight's veggie burger, made hefty with fresh cauliflower, beets and quinoa and deep-fried until crispy.

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Café No Sé

According to Chef Tim Love, the two-patty at Austin's No Sé Cheesebuger, finished with a runny fried egg, is "the quintessential American cheeseburger," while the shrimp burger (pictured above) is more untraditional. Mixed with peppery ginger and bright scallions, this seafood sensation is grilled then piled on a bun with rich mayo and a vibrant slaw.

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RPM Steak

Take it from Chicago-based Chef Sarah Grueneberg: The burgers at RPM Steak "are the best in the Windy City." She's particularly fond of the steak burger (pictured above), which is served on a smear of horseradish sauce and topped with a pair of cheese slices and crispy fried red onions, which offer welcome texture. "This tastes like a steak, a burger, prime rib all in one," Sarah says. She also notes that RPM Steak offers a lamb-focused burger, this one featuring a spiced patty and toppings like harissa and dressed greens.

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Salvation Burger

There are two ways to approach the burgers at New York City's Salvation Burger, according to Chef Madison Cowan. You could opt for the Classic Burger, built with not one but two cheesy patties, or you could order the Salvation Burger (pictured above), which Madison deems "the Empire State Building of burgers." This next-level between-the-bun creation stars a single thick patty and plenty of herb-laced caramelized onions.

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