About the Show

He made it through the outback...now he takes on the rest of the world! Travel with Chef Keith Famie as he journeys in search of the hottest AND the coolest in global cuisine. Along the way, you'll experience not only the food, but also the cultures, of his exotic destinations as taught by local masters. He'll take viewers through exotic locations like Australia, France and Vietnam – and there's no telling just what he'll explore next! Get a taste of what the world has to offer alongside Keith Famie and see just how he'll survive his latest adventures!

Rice and Beans

Imu-Style Squirrelfish with Passion Fruit


Buffalo Burgers

Wild Mushroom Risotto


Apple Strudel

Winesap Apple Pesto Chicken Salad

Smoked Whitefish and Crayfish Salad

Dragster's Trout

Beef Medallion with Herb Roasted Potatoes, Warm Salad Greens and a Dried Morel Brandy Sauce

Saumon Marine a l'Aneth

Conch Rolls

Seattle Style "Bouillabaisse"


Casa Marina Jerk Wet Rub

Prawns with Vanilla Coconut Sauce

Scallops and Smoked Duck on a Rosemary Skewer

Richard's "Very Good" Pancakes

Ackee and Salted Codfish (Saltfish)

Sweet Potato Pie