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Discover the true beauty of America as we explore the rich tapestry of our ethnic cuisines. Hosted by five sets of chefs, Melting Pot presents the traditions, stories and recipes brought to America's shores from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, India, Africa and the Caribbean. It's a culinary passport to the rich heritage of our country.

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Spicy Szechuan Stir-Fry

Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut

Grilled Seafood: Frutti di Mare alla Griglia



Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a Basic Dry Rub


Sopa de Mariscos: Seafood Stew/Soup, Using a Sofrito

Ensalada de Pulpo: Octopus Salad

Insalate Ricca

Chorizo and Corn Bread Stuffing

Georgian Spinach Khachapuri

Sweet Potato Gratin

Chicken and Truffle Terrine


Mizithra-Arni Skopelos

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Tamarind Reduction

Sorbete de la Rioja (la Rioja Wine Sorbet)

Tortas Clasicas: Classic Tortas

Tamales with Yellow Mole: Tamales de Amarillo Mole

Lobster, Creole Style: Enchilado de Langosta

Grilled Chicken with an All-purpose Marinade

Marinated Fried Sardines (Sardinas Fritas en Adobo)

Tequila Laced Gazpacho Cocktails with Grilled Shrimp

Beet and Apple Salad

Baked Cheese Grits

Warm Chocolate Cake a la Kiev