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Discover the true beauty of America as we explore the rich tapestry of our ethnic cuisines. Hosted by five sets of chefs, Melting Pot presents the traditions, stories and recipes brought to America's shores from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, India, Africa and the Caribbean. It's a culinary passport to the rich heritage of our country.

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Jerk Chicken

Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut

Spanish Stuffed Bell Peppers

Pineapple Crisp

Red Meat Chili: Carne Chili Colorado

Pickled Shrimp

Oyster Ceviche in the Shell with Popcorn

Tyropitakia-Cheese Pies

Southern Spinach Salad

Baby Lamb Brodettato

Kasha and Varnishkes

Roasted Sweet Pepper Salad


Greek Potato Salad: Patatosalata

Provencale Tomato Potato Stew

Sepia Amb Trempo (Squid with Summer Salad)

Honeyed Chicken Legs

Fried Cheese with Shallot Dressing (Queso Frito AlinAdo con Salsa de Escalona)

D'agnello Scottadito: "Burn Your Fingers" Lamb

Peanut Coated Chicken Thigh Tenders with Curry Coconut Sauce

Tequila Cured Salmon

Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice: Yemistes Domates me Rizi

Fried Crisp Pork with Chile-Peanut Sauce: Carnitas con Salsa Guajillo y Cacahuates

Tamarind Glazed Ribs with Chayote and Mango Slaw

Curried Goat

Piri Piri Grilled Shrimp

Oysters with an Asian Mignonette