From On the Rocks to In the Black

Host John Green uses his restaurant savvy to bring bars and nightclubs back from the brink.
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About the Show

John Green knows bars. As a top-level consultant, he's designed, staffed and launched some of the most prestigious bars and nightclubs in the world. Whether he's shaking hands or shaking a martini, John knows the business behind the bar and now he's bringing that expertise to struggling bars across America. John quickly assesses the location, identifies the problems and finds the solution. This expert can help any bar that's "on the rocks" get back into the black.

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Sucker Punch

The Hallucinogenic Monk

Classic Texas Tea

The Bitter Truth

The Biker's Mule

Woo Woo

The Locomotive

Jen's Classic Pickleback

Emerald Isle

Pacific Peach

The Specimen

Dusty Road

Traditional Green Fairy

Classic Snakebite

Irish Monk

Tom's Classic Dark and Stormy

Knockout Punch

The Classic Bomb

Golden Margarita

White Falcon

Rum Punch


The 12th Element

The Green Lantern

Bermuda Triangle

The Dissection

Classic Black and Tan

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