Meet the Competitors of Spring Baking Championship, Season 8

Get to know the twelve bakers competing for a chance to win the $25,000 prize and the title of Spring Baking Champion.

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Photo By: Rob Pryce

Alexis Wells — Carlsbad, CA

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Alexis now works as a pastry chef in California. Along with 10 years of baking experience, Alexis brings a strong competitive spirit thanks to her time competing in gymnastics, cheer and bodybuilding.

Annabelle Asher — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Annabelle is a pastry chef from Fort Lauderdale who loves baking with blueberries! She told us: "they’re cute, little and tiny, just like me. They’re a little bit sweet and a little bit tart which I think fits my personality really well."

Carolyn Portuondo — Honolulu

Carolyn lives in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, with her three children and works as a pastry chef at a "magical" resort. She enjoys using various ingredients inspired by Hawaii and her Japanese heritage in her baking.

Dennis Van — Austin, TX

Growing up in a household without sweets, Dennis taught himself how to bake by using his allowance money to buy ingredients. He now works as an executive pastry chef at a restaurant in Austin.

Diego Chiarello — Houston

Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, Diego learned the art of baking from his four older brothers, who are ALL pastry chefs!

Jaleesa Mason — New York City

Jaleesa runs her own bakery with her husband in New Jersey, where they specialize in French pastries. She has two kids, one a newborn, watching from home to cheer her on!

Jenniffer Woo — Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Jenniffer is an executive pastry chef originally from Naples, Florida. She grew up near the swamps of the Everglades with her five siblings and is a twin!

Justin Ross - Richmond, VA

Justin is a pastry chef from Richmond, Virginia, who just opened his own bakery right in time for Valentine’s Day!

Kim Wood — Simsbury, CT

Kim is a bakery owner from Simsbury, Connecticut. She enjoys incorporating ingredients into her baking that she grew up with in her Vietnamese home, such as lychee.

Marco Salden — Denver

Marco got into baking when he broke his foot during his freshman year and had nothing to do except bake his way through his mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook. He now works as a pastry chef.

Romuald Guiot — Los Angeles

Hailing from the north of France, Romuald loves to use a lot of spices in his baking, inspired by his grandfather's work as a pastry chef.

Stephon Cook — New Orleans

Stephon is a pastry chef who has worked in some of the most famous bakeries in New Orleans. He describes himself as the life of the party and is usually the one getting people to dance.

Tom Smallwood — New York City

After working in finance for five years, Tom decided to move to Paris to study pastry and pursue his passion for baking! He has now been working in the New York City pastry industry for the past six years.

Yohan Lee — Nashville, TN

Yohan is an executive pastry chef from Nashville. He tells us he feels ready for this competition due to his experience working for events in big hotels. He has done holiday parties that cater to over 5,000 people!