Meet the Competitors of Spring Baking Championship, Season 4

Get to know the ten bakers competing for a chance to win the $50,000 prize and the title of Spring Baking Champion.

Meet the Bakers

Ten bakers have come from across the country to compete and prove their skills, all for a chance at winning the grand prize and the championship title.

Nacho Aguirre — San Antonio

Nacho owns and operates a chocolate shop with his wife, Susana, who competed on season two of Spring Baking Championship. "She taught me everything I know in the kitchen," he said, "and I'm here, because I want to bring that title home."

Andrew Belen — Chicago

Andrew attended the Culinary Institute of America and runs a specialty cake business from his home in Chicago. "In the kitchen, I'm bubbly, I'm spontaneous. You never know what you're going to get with me," he said. Andrew also loves playing with flavors from his childhood.

Ruby Bloch — New Orleans

Ruby runs a custom dessert business in New Orleans and loves to incorporate fresh fruit and floral flavors into her spring desserts.

Jessica Duggan — Puyallup, WA

Jessica is a home baker known for her award-winning pies. She wants to take the title of Spring Baking Champion home to her husband and three kids.

Caleb Fischer — Auburn, AL

The first thing people usually notice when they see Caleb is his height or his mustache. He's a chef de cuisine at a restaurant in Auburn, AL where he focuses on southern-inspired desserts.

Michelle Kaiser — Omaha

Michelle is a bakery owner and has been baking for over 30 years. She specializes in down-home, country-style desserts.

Aaron McInnis — Newfoundland, Canada

Aaron is a nutritionist, so he's usually telling people what they shouldn't be eating, but his evenings are spent baking cakes. Aaron and his wife have three energetic sons who are all rooting for him back home. "My wife told me that if I don't win, not to come home." Aaron said. "I have my whole marriage riding on this!"

Deepal Patel — Kansas City, MO

Deepal is a senior pastry chef at various hotels in downtown Kansas City. Before entering the baking world, she was a genetic scientist. "Now I get to make pretty desserts and cakes," she said, "and I've never been happier."

Cristina Vazquez — Fair Lawn, NJ

Christina is a 23-year-old Cuban pastry cook who loves to have fun in the kitchen. "I am probably the most outrageous, over-the-top cake decorator, at least that I know," she said.

Heather Wong — Burbank, CA

Heather is a mother and owner of an online dessert delivery service. She also works as a pastry chef for various shops and restaurants.