The Weirdest Items Found in Shoppers' Grocery Bags

Look back on some of the most *interesting* purchases seen on Supermarket Stakeout.

Hairy Situation

In this Season 3 episode, contestants were tasked with making the perfect party snacks. Mel Martin was able to score chips and tortillas, but her luck quickly disappeared when she saw that the rest of the bags contained shampoo, conditioner and a melon.

Making the Grade

In a Season 3 episode contestant Jamal Bland buys a shopper's cart for $130 in the first round, only to find that the grocery bags were full of school supplies.

No Time to Party

Contestant Kris Wallenta was hoping to get a protein when he went back to buy a second cart in this Season 3 episode. However, once he opened the bags he found that he just bought a cart full of party supplies!

This Cart Is Full of Gains

Contestant Jenn Fillenworth's first purchase in this Season 3 episode contained knee sleeves, protein powder, energy mix, foot powder, deodorant, a magazine, more protein powder, and a few fruits and vegetables.

Treats for Furry Friends

Contestant Vijay Sadhu jumped at the chance to buy a cart that was FULL of food, but as soon as this Season 3 contestant opened the bags he realized none of it was meant for people. It was all dog and cat food!

A Saucy Cookout

In this season 3 episode, contestant Marc Weiss bought a cart that seemed to be for a cookout. He found a giant U.S. flag, a mini charcoal grill, a bunch of condiments — but zero protein or vegetables.

Living the Best Life

Season 3 contestant Danielle Bruno bought a cart from a shopper with some interesting grocery combinations. In the bags she found a kickboard, ice cream, some condiments and a bottle of tequila.

Greeting Card Cart

Contestant Monica Castillo purchased a cart with flowers, cake, a talking teddy bear, ice cake cookies, a ton of candy and a greeting card that read "Forgive Me" in this Season 3 episode.

Prepared to Party

In this Season 2 episode, contestant Beni Velazquez spent $200 on a cart with party hats, cups, red wine, sprinkles, cards, candles and a lot of balloons. But no food items!

Say Cheese

Season 2 contestant Logan Sandoval was able to snag a cart with plenty of grocery bags to choose from. But when he opened the bags, he wasn't exactly pleased. Inside he found a blanket, towels, a frozen whole turkey and plenty of cheese puffs.