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Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, the two largest characters to emerge on the food scene, tour Britain on their Triumph Thunderbird in their quest to rediscover the quirkily named delights of traditional British home cooking.

Most Popular Recipes

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Roast Meat Loaf or "Hedgehog"

Peaches Cardinal Hume

Rabbit Isabel

Devils on Horseback

Mitton of Pork

Red Peppers Stuffed with Aubergine Puree

Gambas en Gabardinas

Cheese and Honey Pie

Hoppin' John

Welsh Rarebit Souffles

Beef a la Will Moreland

Coq au Vin

Portuguese Fish Stew

Jugged Kippers


Green Beans with Mustard

A. N.'s Slow Shoulder of Lamb

Welsh Lamb Pie

Hot Buttered Crab

Mustard Devilled Chicken

Stuffed Quail with White Wine

Scallops with Leeks

Lobster with Mayonnaise

Lobster with Mayonnaise

Poule au Pot

Beans Meanz Fitz

Chopped Walnut and Coffee Cake