5 Ways Efficiency Can Improve Your Home This Fall

Learn easy home upgrades that will save energy and money.

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By: Food Network Magazine

These simple upgrades can make your home feel fresh, warm and comfortable—all while saving you energy and money.

1 | A Modern Heating System

A modern natural gas heating system uses less energy and limits pollution while boosting your home comfort with more even heating.

2 | Smart Thermostat

An ENERGY STAR®-Certified smart thermostat lets you come home to the perfect temperature.

3 | Mini-Split Heat Pump

A mini-split heat pump saves energy by pulling heat from the outdoor air and moving it inside.

4 | Efficient Water Heater

An efficient water heater uses less energy than standard models, making your warm shower even more affordable.

5 | Recycle That Old Fridge

Recycling an inefficient fridge or freezer helps declutter your garage or basement and saves energy, too!

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