12 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas in Dream Home 2022

Stylish yet functional, this kitchen is chock-full of smart storage solutions. Enter twice daily, once on FoodNetwork.com and once on HGTV.com, for your chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2022, a grand-prize package valued at over $2.4 million.

January 11, 2022
By: Caylin Harris

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Robert Peterson

Form and Function

More than pretty cabinet faces, the kitchen in HGTV Dream Home 2022 comes with smart storage solutions, too. Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn thoughtfully covered every detail, from this fabulous fridge-adjacent pantry to a hidden tech-charging station. Come discover all of the brilliant storage ideas inside these cabinets.

Feeling inspired? Enter twice daily, once on FoodNetwork.com and once on HGTV.com, for your chance to win HGTV Dream Home 2022, a grand-prize package valued at over $2.4 million.

Disappearing Act

The mark of a truly functional kitchen isn’t how everything looks on the outside. As the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The size, functionality and organization of cabinets are just as important as their appearance. This sage green is decidedly different yet still versatile, while features like soft-close doors and drawers keep everything feeling luxe. Wait till you see what’s inside!

Built-In Beauty

Taking stock of what you need and what you don’t is step one for an organized kitchen. Avid home cooks will love a built-in spice rack and drawer organizers to keep things neat and in place. Plus, you can see where everything is while you’re cooking. Giving each item a designated spot makes your ingredients and tools easier to find.

In Charge

Expensive phones and tablets should be kept far away from potential spills and messes but still remain close in case you need them to reference a recipe or convert a measurement. This unique charging station is placed right inside the drawer so your devices can get tucked away while they power up.

Divide and Conquer

Having built-in cabinet and drawer dividers not only creates a streamlined, matching look, but it also means you don’t have to supplement and buy your own. Pots, pans, lids and baking sheets are awkwardly sized, and if left rattling around in a large open drawer or cabinet, can get disorganized — fast. Dividers keep things in place and make them easier to access.

A Cut Above

Banish that knife block from your countertop for good! Not only does it take up precious space, but it’s also safer to keep your knives in a drawer and out of sight. A built-in tools station means your knives and other essential utensils are always at the ready but never in the way. Placement close to the stove means you’ll never have to reach too far to grab something mid sauté.

It's All Here

A pull-out vertical drawer keeps pantry staples close at hand but also easy to find, which means no digging through crowded shelves or cabinets. Plus, when it’s this effortless to see what you already have, you don’t have to worry about accidental repeat buys.

Breakfast Club

Avoid a kitchen pileup in the morning by creating different zones based on how you use them. An area where family and guests can grab coffee quickly and easily is the perfect spot to place a coffee maker and extra mugs. Add a toaster and you’ve got a low-key breakfast station that’s conveniently out of the way of any action that might be happening around the stove.

Food Groups

Turn baking into a regular practice instead of a once-in-a-while endeavor by keeping all of your supplies together in one place. You won't have to waste time roaming around the kitchen looking for ingredients ever again, and you’ll be ready to whip up a treat at a moment’s notice. Talk about a win-win!

Supplemental Organization

Even cabinets that are well thought out need a little extra help every now and then. Sealed storage bins keep ingredients fresher longer, while their clear containers allow you to see what’s running low at a glance. Clear bins make it easy to store small ingredients and packages by category without all that extra visual clutter.

Chill Out

Smart storage shouldn’t stop with your appliances! Adjustable shelving both inside and on the door of this KitchenAid fridge means less wasted space and more opportunity to hold fresh ingredients. It also boasts extras like an interior water dispenser and produce-preserving technology.

Show Off Storage

A floating shelf not only provides wall storage, but it also lets you show off some of your favorite ceramics, whether it’s a kiln-fired handmade mug or your collection of cups with witty sayings. Keep items you use the most there in order to avoid dust!