To Eddie, From Damaris: Here's What to Expect from the World of Stardom

Hear from Damaris, the Season 9 victor, as she dishes on the ins and outs of Stardom to Eddie Jackson.

Guest judge Damaris Phillips during evaluation of the Star Challenge, Food Stars at Home for the Holidays, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 11.

Photo by: Eddy Chen ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Eddy Chen, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

It was just a few days ago that Eddie Jackson, a former pro footballer, was crowned Food Network's newest Star after he bested his fellow finale rivals, Dom Tesoriero and Jay Ducote, at the end of an 11-week journey. Yesterday Jeff Mauro, the Season 7 victor, offered his hearty congratulations to the new Star with a welcome letter, and today Damaris Phillips, the Season 9 Star, is sharing that sentiment and giving Eddie an exclusive preview of what to expect as his life turns from ordinary to full of superstardom.

"It will be overwhelming and crazy for the first six months," Damaris tells Eddie, "but — hopefully — your life doesn’t change that much. It just gets better." She adds that while "you don’t wake up and have this totally different life and, like, Bentleys and butlers everywhere," there's the very real opportunity to achieve everything you've always hoped for. "You just have the chance to have your dream come true and just to be really present with that and to be really grateful for it and to just have a good time. Because it is so much more fun than you can imagine," she explains.

And she assures Eddie that the folks he'll meet along the way will welcome him with open arms. "Everyone that you will meet, they are so lovely. They really — all of the talent is incredibly talented, hence the name," she says. For Damaris, "the very part" of Stardom is simple: "All of a sudden you are part of this, like, royalty of chefs, and it feels wonderful!"

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